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Raven Black Cobblestones

Raven Black Cobblestone

Raven Black Granite Cobblestone is a wondrous and unique type of natural stone that is known for its extremely dark grey/black base and very high roughness. This striking stone brings unparalleled elegance to any outdoor space, making it a favourite choice for buyers and architects.

This feature of Raven Black Granite is easy to describe because its deep dark shade radiates and stands out as a piece of true architectural elegance among plants and other elements.  Probably the best use of this stone is in coming up with a Raven Black cobblestone driveway.

The black cobblestone can act as a beautiful entry into any building or estate without so much as a moment’s thought because of its dark, polished characteristics. The distinctive rough texture and natural colours of the stones evoke memories of ancient architecture in such European countries as Italy, Spain and Portugal and create a particularly elegant and timeless appearance; at the same time, the stones’ applicability makes them non-fading and long-lasting.

For instance, if you are looking for Raven Black Cobblestone for your driveway, you will be assured of getting the right products for your project from our showroom. Thus, the quality and anti-wear characteristics of the cobblestones are special emphasis, which makes them the core elements after careful selection.

Our Raven Black Cobblestone is specially designed to meet all these needs, whether it is for your driveway, pathways, offices or other businesses. The installation is beautiful and long-lasting. Raven Black Granite is not just for driveway use but is very diverse. It has well-packed particles, and its compact structure makes it possible to use on patios, walkways and garden paths.

With the content and density characteristic of the material, it is safe to assume that it is quite safe for pedestrian use even during the rainy season. Thus, its ability to withstand weather conditions means that it will maintain its natural qualities for the outdoor space, and it is a worthy investment.

A leading supplier of Raven Black Granite Cobblestone in Australia, Stone Centre offers an extensive range of these products. We deliver across Australia, including Sydney (NSW), Brisbane (QLD), Melbourne (VIC) and more. Our stones help you personalise any space, as natural stones add beauty and charm to every space.

Product Features

  • Finish :
    Exfoliated, Split Edges
  • Tiles Sizes:
    100x100x20mm, 100x100x30mm
  • Mesh Size:
    320x320mm, 540x430mm
  • Application:
    Driveways, High Traffic Areas, High Use Areas

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