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Cobblestone: Why should we Choose them for Outdoor Applications?

10 Apr 2024

Cobblestone: Why should we Choose them for Outdoor Applications?

Cobblestones are the most durable natural stone that can withstand heavy weights and weather changes without getting damaged. Whether you are a landscaping enthusiast, a homeowner looking to enhance curb appeal or a designer seeking inspiration for your next project, this blog will be your go-to resource for all major things about Cobblestone. These Pavers come in a variety of finishes, offering both durability and aesthetic appeal. Apart from roads, driveways and pathways, these stones can be used in different places in your space like fireplaces and decor pieces for walls.

Stone Centre is one of the largest suppliers of premium natural stones. We firmly believe that every space deserves its perfect stone, and our selection empowers you to personalise each one uniquely.

What is Cobblestone?

Cobblestones are small natural stones used for paving. These are available in various shapes, textures and sizes. They are mainly used to pave driveways and pathways. They're extensively employed to elevate the aesthetics of outdoor areas while providing durability and other advantages.

Benefits of Cobblestone


Cobblestones, which are made from natural stones are one of the most durable options for driveway construction as they can withstand heavy traffic. They are strong against other external and internal elements due to their flexural strength. They are known for their toughness and have lasted for centuries.


Cobblestone pavers for driveways are laid with a dry paver base option, as it provides good permeability for water. Absorbing excess water helps reduce intensive icing on surfaces, while the open joints or grouts offer protection from harsh wind or sand storms. Thus, cobblestone is an ideal option for areas experiencing heavy traffic.

Easy to Install

We offer cobblestones in mesh, which makes the installation easy. The process is quite extensive but not that difficult. You have two options: you can do DIY with adequate preparation and information or hire an expert if you plan to lay some complex designs and patterns in your driveway.

Aesthetically Pleasing

Natural Stone can elevate the aesthetics of any place you install them. Cobblestone tiles and pavers add an inviting touch to your outdoor area and around. Driveways and approach roads look magnificent and authentic. It automatically increases your property reselling values and the driveway is a major part of it.

Easy to Clean

Cleaning with water is enough to keep the natural stone clean. However, you can use mild soap or detergents to wash the Cobblestone driveways without any wavy expense. The nature of the stone is that it does not require heavy cleaning or maintenance. For further maintenance tips, make sure to check out the last section.

Stain Resistant

Cobblestone tiles and pavers are stain-resistant and pH-proof against frequent spills and drains of hazards like fuel or oil leakage or dirt.

Our Range of Cobblestone

Raven Black Cobblestone

Raven Black Granite Cobblestone is a black beauty known for its dark colour and robust texture. The surface of the stone makes it perfect for paving outdoors and visually appealing to your eyes, which also lasts a long time. You can get this colour with exfoliated and split edges that will look stunning in your driveways.

Sesame Grey Cobblestone

It showcases the perfect combination of toughness and beauty. Sesame Grey Cobbles are a stunning pattern with a mix of ash grey and a hint of blue to elevate the look of your space. The best part is you can use them in various spaces like patios, driveways, flooring and pool decks. These cobblestone pavers are also available in two finishes, split edges and exfoliated. 

Summit Cobblestone

If you are looking for something beige and golden hues with soft grey then Summit Cobblestone is something that will stand out and bring a unique touch to your sideways and driveways. They are available with exfoliated and split edges. You don't have to worry about the toughness; they are strong and will be there for years to come.

Plazzio Cobblestone

Looking for that rustic and priced-aged look? Plazzio Cobblestone is a distinctive stone featuring a rich brown hue, enhancing your space with its vibrant appearance. It is one of the popular choices throughout the year and has stayed on trend for a long time. Cobblestone Pavers are available in a natural split finish. It is a durable option for your driveway paving.

Ash Grey Cobblestone

Ash Grey Cobblestone is the natural ash grey colour ideal for walkways, streets and pavement because of its highly durable nature. Ash grey Cobblestone is made of a multitude of materials that make it tough and keep the structure and shape over time. It is available in a natural split finish.

Porphyry Cobblestone

Porphyry cobblestone is a mix of mica, feldspar and other minerals. It is known for its surface textures with large grainy crystals for a rustic appeal to your outdoor space. These cobblestones offer a secure grip, making them ideal for pool decks, patios and pathways. It is available in a natural split for an idyllic setting.

Maintenance Tips for Cobblestone Paving


When it comes to cleaning cobblestone flooring, patios, and pathways, the first thing that needs to be done is to remove dirt and debris. Sweep them with the broom and remove the dirt from the surface level.

Re- Sanding

The sand between the stones may get settled or degrade; replenish the joints and add more sand for a better stability and aesthetic look.

Prevention of Weed Growth

The pesky weeds that come through the cracks and joints look unpleasant and not good for their longevity. It's better to remove them with some water and vinegar. It is not only gentle on pavers but also safe for your pets and family.

Sealing Pavers

Cobblestone does not need very frequent maintenance, but it's good to get it resealed every few years. You can get professional help that will help you to keep the beauty and toughness intact for years.

Repair Damages Stones

To prevent significant damage, promptly repair any cracks or chips in the stone. Regularly inspect the stones to identify and address any damage early, minimising the need for costly repairs.


Cobblestone tiles are tough and their aesthetics grab attention. The natural texture of the stone makes it unique and popular for flooring, pathways, driveways and other outdoor spaces. Now that you have a fair idea about the cobblestone and its benefits, it will be easier to make your decision. However, make sure the cobblestone supplier that you are choosing is authentic and supplies high-quality material only. Here at Stone Center, we aim to provide only the A-grade materials that will enhance your space in all true senses.

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