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Bluestone Pavers & Tiles

Bluestone Pavers & Tiles

Bluestone with its hard-wearing texture and breathtaking visual effect is an outstanding and multi-purposed outdoor paving solution. Originated from Basalt, this stylish natural stone is perfect for patios, pool surrounds, courtyards, backyards, and many other outdoor projects. Because of its cool and mystic appearance, it is often used to embellish spas, swimming pools, and shower areas.

Bluestone Pavers and Tiles are renowned for their long-lasting, dense and anti-slip properties, adding a striking visual appeal to any outdoor surface. It’s durable, low maintenance and easy to clean and widely used for several design applications.

Bluestone comes in a spectacular blue - grey colour palette with a flawless honed finish. Its exfoliated surface and rugged texture, provide remarkable possibilities for new designs as well as renovation projects. Popularly used for crazy paving, pool copings, claddings and treads, Bluestone adds a beautiful, modern touch to any outdoor design project.

Whether you're looking to spruce up your outdoor living area, create a feature wall or floor, or simply add a unique touch to your project, we have a stone to suit every space. At Stone Centre, we offer Australia's largest selection of premium natural stones, with delivery across the country. We offer customisation with most of our product range and are committed to providing innovative solutions tailored as per your project needs. Connect today and let us help you find the perfect stone for you!

More About Bluestone

Bluestone Pavers

Bluestone is a robust and long-lasting natural stone that is highly versatile and hard-wearing. It is a type of Sandstone that is popular for its aesthetic benefits and excellent durability. This stylish natural stone is used for numerous design applications and is perfect for patios, pool surrounds, courtyards, backyards and many other outdoor projects. Available in a bluish–grey tone, it exudes a cool and mystical vibe, and is widely used to enhance spa areas, shower areas and swimming pool surrounds. With their unique textures and tranquil appearance, Bluestone Pavers and Tiles are a great way to add a beautiful design appeal to your outdoor spaces such as patios, pathways and walkways. This natural stone is often used in landscaping and hardscaping projects because of its naturally slip-resistant surface and ability to withstand heavy foot traffic and extreme weather conditions.

Bluestone Tiles

Bluestone is a dense and durable natural stone with a stunning colour palette that creates an impressive look for your design space. Its subtle colour variations and unique texture create a distinctive look that is difficult to create with other natural materials. Bluestone Tiles make a stunning flooring option and are popularly used for indoor flooring spaces. They are available in various colours, finishes, shapes and sizes, and are a long-lasting solution for residential and commercial spaces. Bluestone Tiles in thickness of 20 mm or more are perfect for indoor floors, walls, kitchen backsplashes, bathrooms and other living areas. Bluestone amazingly blends with any project space and brings remarkable strength to your build. Moreover, it requires minimal upkeep, making it a popular choice for busy homeowners.

Bluestone Pool Copings

Bluestone is a popular choice for creating spectacular pool areas with pool surrounds and pool copings. Coping stones are coverings around the edges of the pool as protection for swimmers. They offer a safe surface while getting in and out of the pool, reducing the chances of injuries. Bluestone Pool Copings come in 30 mm thickness and can easily withstand medium to heavy foot traffic. They offer a naturally slip-resistant surface as well as give a unique style to the swimming pool area.

Our Bluestone Pool Copings come in two styles. One is the Drop Edge which forms a 90-degree vertical drop, giving the pool a sharp, sleek look. The other is Bullnose which has rounded edges like the bull’s nose which give a softer look and offers superior safety to pool users.

Bluestone Crazy Pavers

Crazy paving is a popular paving technique in Australia. In this method, random pieces of naturally broken stones are used to create an irregular design layout. Crazy paving can make any space come alive. It offers endless design possibilities for both indoors and outdoors. Crazy Pavers in Bluestone can be used to accentuate patios, alfresco, garden paths, backyards, courtyards and pool surrounds. Bluestone Crazy Pavers are available in a standard 30 mm thickness and work well with any design aesthetic.

Colours of Bluestone

Bluestone comes in a stunning hue of bluish-grey and works well with modern and contemporary design styles. The versatility of this natural stone makes it the perfect fit for a range of design applications. It beautifully blends with any project space, indoors or outdoors. It adds a classy look to the pool surrounds and looks equally chic as garden stepping stones.

Finishes of Bluestone

Bluestone is an astonishing natural stone that can be finished in a variety of ways to achieve different looks and styles. Here are some of the finishes:

  • Honed: Honing is a process in which the surface of the stone is buffed to give it an even and smooth appearance. It provides a matte finish, giving the stone a sleek and modern look and is suitable for both indoor and outdoor applications.
  • Polished: In this, the naturally tough texture of the stone is ground to a smooth high gloss shine to achieve a mirror-like finish. It makes it an excellent choice for indoor applications like flooring and countertops.
  • Brushed: To get this finish a hard synthetic material or metal is brushed to the stone’s surface to give it a textured and matte look.
  • Flamed: In this process the surface of the stone is exposed to extreme heat to give it a textured finish.

Applications of Bluestone Pavers and Tiles:

Bluestone Pavers and Tiles can be used for numerous indoor and outdoor applications:

  • Flooring: Bluestone Tiles make a stunning and dense flooring option for indoor spaces such as kitchens, bathrooms, walls etc.
  • Outdoor Paving: Bluestone Pavers are an excellent choice for creating a stunning oasis for your pool area, patio, alfresco, barbeque area and courtyard.
  • Pool Coping: Bluestone Pavers are a popular choice for Pool Coping and pool stairs because of their naturally non-slip surface, durability, and resistance to wear and tear.
  • Wall Features: Bluestone Tiles can be used to create a statement feature wall in your living area. They come in a range of sizes and finishes, allowing you to create a unique look and an impressive design.
  • Spa Areas: Bluestone Pavers and Tiles make a stylish and tranquil spa area. They come in a soothing blue-grey colour and create a soothing ambience for your space.
  • Garden Stepping Stones: Bluestone Stepping Stones can be used to create garden steppers and add a gorgeous touch to your landscaping.

Installation & Maintenance Tips

Bluestone pavers and tiles are a popular choice for outdoor applications due to their durability, captivating beauty and versatility. Bluestone is a type of Sandstone, known for its stunning blue-grey colour and unique texture. Proper installation and maintenance ensure the durability and aesthetic appeal of Bluestone pavers and tiles for a long time.

Here are some tips for installing and maintaining Bluestone:

Installation Tips

  • Prepare the base: Ensure that the outdoor surface where Bluestone will be installed is clean, level and free from debris or small stones. A robust base will offer a secure and solid footing for your Bluestone pavers or tiles and prevent tripping on uneven surfaces.
  • Use a strong adhesive: Use a heavy-duty adhesive when laying tiles over existing ones or on a wooden substrate. It holds the stone in place and prevents the tiles from shifting over time. Choose a high-hold adhesive suitable for Bluestone installations for exceptional and lasting results. Follow the manufacturer's instructions for proper mixing proportions and application steps.
  • Grouting: Select a grout specifically designed for Bluestone. Avoid using acidic or harsh cleaners before you begin grouting to prevent damage to the stone’s surface. Ensure the tiles or pavers are set in place and wait for at least 24 hours after applying the adhesive for it to dry completely. After the grout application, scrape off the extra grout before it starts to set.
  • Sealing: Before and after grouting, apply a penetrating sealer specially meant for Bluestone. Sealing creates a shield and safeguards the stone from stains, moisture and any other type of damage. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions or installers’ recommendations for frequency of application. The general rule of thumb is every 2 years.
  • Allow for natural movement: Due to its innate characteristics, Bluestone may expand and contract in response to variations in humidity and temperature. Leave proper and consistent spacing using a spacer for expansion joints to allow space for this kind of movement.

Maintenance Tips

  • Clean Regularly: Sweep or vacuum your Bluestone surfaces regularly to keep them in a pristine condition. Don’t let dirt or debris accumulate on the surface. Occasionally, clean with a soft cloth or sponge and a pH-neutral stone cleaner. Don’t use any tough chemicals as they can strip off the stone's natural texture over time. Also, avoid acidic cleaners as they can cause etching and damage the exterior surface.
  • Take prompt action for spills: Clean up wine, vinegar and citrus juice spills immediately to prevent staining. Blot with a soft absorbent material or paper tissue to dab the excess liquid. Don’t clean forcefully as it can spread the stain and extend the damage.
  • Avoid scrubbing: Hard washing natural stones is not recommended. Use a smooth cloth or a soft brush for cleaning. Avoid scrubbing with rough cleaning pads, as they can scrap the stone and damage its natural surface over time.
  • Reseal Periodically: Bluestone needs periodic resealing to retain its appearance and structural integrity. Depending on the type of Bluestone, where it is installed and the amount of foot traffic your area receives, you may need to reseal the stone every 1-2 years. Follow the sealer’s instructions or seek professional help for perfect results.
  • Safeguard from heavyweights: Bluestone is a durable stone, but it is not recommended to drag heavy objects or furniture across its surface to prevent it from chipping or cracking over time. Place carpets and mats strategically to preserve and prolong the life of your Bluestone pavers and tiles.
  • For outdoor use: If you have Bluestone pavers installed outdoors for the patio, backyard, garden or pool areas, ensure that they are of the correct thickness matching the use of the space. Alfresco and patio areas with low foot traffic work with 20mm thickness tiles while heavy-use pool decks and gardens need a thickness of 30mm or more. Also, ensure the right surface finish so that your Bluestone pavers can sustain all outdoor conditions smoothly.

By following these installation and maintenance tips, you can keep your Bluestone surfaces looking their best for decades.

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