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Crazy Pavers

Crazy Pavers

Crazy Paves look stunning and are a great way to liven up your outdoor area. These unique stones come in a spectrum of irregular shapes and sizes and are laid out in a haphazard way with mortar filling up the gaps. This random arrangement of stones breaks up the monotony of the area and adds character, brilliantly transforming the vibe of your home.

Crazy Paving, also known as flagstone paving, is a type of landscaping design that can create a unique and visually interesting look in any outdoor space. With its unique texture, density, and naturally occurring colour variations, Crazy Paving is ideal for courtyards, garden paving, pool surrounds, patios and pathways.

Bring your outdoor space to life with our wide range of Crazy Pavers! We offer various materials to choose from such as Bluestone, Sandstone, Travertine, Limestone and Slate Crazy Paving.

Whether you're looking to spruce up your outdoor living area, create a feature wall or floor, or simply add a unique touch to your project, we have a stone to suit every space. At Stone Centre, we offer Australia's largest selection of premium natural stones, with delivery across the country. We offer customisation with most of our product range and are committed to providing innovative solutions tailored as per your project needs. Connect today and let us help you find the perfect stone for you!

More About Crazy Pave

What is Crazy Paving?

Crazy Paving, also known as Random Ashlar, is an innovative and unique form of stonework crafted with naturally broken stones arranged in an irregular pattern. Its unique texture and shape give it an attractive look, making it increasingly popular in Australia for its flexibility and aesthetic appeal. Initially developed as a way to reuse quarry waste stones, Crazy Paving has become a favourite choice due to its gorgeous and eye-catching appeal. This paving technique is often used to create stunning outdoor spaces, such as pathways, patios, gardens, poolsides and more, giving any area an unforgettable look.

Natural Stones Used for Crazy Paves

Our Crazy Pavers & Tiles come in an array of beautiful colours and textures and offer superior design flexibility for all your paving needs – domestic or commercial. Crazy pavers are available in Travertine, Bluestone, Sandstone, Limestone and Slatestone. Travertine Paving is the most sought-after paving material in the market. Its unique mix of colours and textures lends it a distinctive character, making it a popular and timeless choice that is always in demand.

Colours Available in Crazy Pavers

The colours available in Crazy Pavers can vary depending on the type of stone or material used to make them. Some popular colours are:

  • Earthy tones: These can include shades of brown and beige, which create a natural and organic look. Our Classic Travertine Crazy Pavers come in a soft beige hue and add a unique charm to any outdoor area. Our Tuscan Beige Limestone Crazy Pavers flaunt a stunning warm beige tone with ivory patches and bring a vintage vibe to any space.
  • Red and rust tones: These colours can add warmth and richness to a space and work well in traditional or Mediterranean-style gardens.
  • Blue-gray tones: These can create a cool and serene atmosphere and work well in both traditional and contemporary settings. Our Escaut Crazy Pavers in creamy grey hue can bring an opulent look while our Bluestone Crazy Pavers in greyish blue tone can add a touch of elegance to your living spaces.
  • Multicolour blends: Some Crazy Pavers feature a mix of different colours, which can add visual interest and create a unique look. Our Sunrise Gold Sandstone Crazy Pavers offer a dazzling blend of pale brown, light grey, muted pink, and soft yellow and add vibrancy to your outdoors.

Finishes of Crazy Pavers

Crazy pavers are available in the following beautiful finishes, each of which can add a unique look and feel to your space. It's important to choose a finish that complements the style of your outdoor space and meets your functional needs.

  • Natural Finish: This is the most common finish for Crazy Pavers. The stones are left in their natural state, with a rough and textured surface that highlights the stone's natural beauty.
  • Honed Finish: A Honed finish is achieved by grinding the surface of the stone until it is smooth and flat. This gives the pavers a more uniform and contemporary look.
  • Tumbled Finish: Tumbling involves putting the pavers through a machine that rounds off the edges and creates a worn, weathered appearance. This finish is great for creating a rustic or antique look.
  • Brushed Finish: A brushed finish involves running a wire brush over the surface of the stone to create a rougher, more textured finish. This is a great option for those looking for a more refined look that still maintains the natural appearance of the stone.
  • Polished Finish: A polished finish involves grinding and buffing the surface of the stone until it has a high-gloss, reflective sheen. This finish is perfect for creating an elegant and sophisticated look.

Crazy Pavers Application

Crazy Paving is an incredibly strong and solid option for flooring in exterior spaces. This contemporary trend is even being used to give living rooms and kitchen floors a new and exciting look. These beautiful stones are extraordinarily robust and dense, making them the perfect choice for any indoor or outdoor area.

  • Pathways: Crazy Pavers can be used to create a meandering garden path that looks natural and rustic.
  • Patios: They can be used to create a relaxed and visually interesting patio area that is perfect for outdoor entertaining.
  • Pool Surrounds: Crazy Pavers are an excellent choice for creating a safe, non-slip surface around swimming pools. With their textured surface, these pavers provide superior grip, even when wet. Their unique design also adds a spectacular look to your pool area.
  • Garden Borders: They can be used to create a distinct border between different areas of a garden or yard.
  • Driveways: Crazy Pavers can be used to create a visually appealing driveway that stands out from traditional concrete.
  • Stepping Stones: They can be used as stepping stones across a lawn or garden area, providing a natural and organic look.

Overall, crazy Pavers can be used in any outdoor area where a natural, rustic look is desired.

Installation & Maintenance Tips

Crazy pavers are distinguished by their unconventional and irregular shapes and sizes. Because of their randomness, they exude a distinctive and eclectic look, which makes them a popular option for creating dynamic and visually stunning outdoor spaces. With some simple installation and maintenance efforts, you can easily maintain your stunning crazy paver flooring for years.

Here are some tips for installing and maintaining crazy pavers:

Installation Tips

  • Base preparation: Make sure that the surface is suitable for installation by compacting the base and digging to the appropriate depth. It is usually advised to put a base layer of gravel or crushed stone at this stage.
  • Edge constraints: To keep your paver area from shifting and to preserve its intended design shape, install edge restraints all the way around it.
  • Layout styles: The quirky uneven sizes and shapes of crazy pavers are well-known. Consider this randomness to arrange them in an eye-catching and free-flowing, jigsaw-like design. Steer clear of creating shapes or patterns that repeat.
  • First, dry-lay: Install the pavers dry-lay first to check the layout and make any required revisions before final installation. This stage helps to achieve a visually beautiful outcome.
  • Levelling surface: To provide a level and smooth surface, level each paver separately. If necessary, use a rubber mallet to reposition the pavers.
  • Joint filling: Use sand, gravel, crushed stone or a flexible jointing substance to fill in the spaces between the pavers. This suppresses weed growth while helping to lock the pavers in place.
  • Sealing: Sealing is a must to prolong the life of the paver stone and has multiple advantages too. Stain prevention and colour enhancement are two benefits of sealing crazy pavers. For accurate sealing, adhere to the manufacturer's directions.

Maintenance Tips

  • Clean Regularly: Sweep or vacuum your crazy paver surfaces regularly to keep them in excellent condition. Don’t let dirt or debris build up on the surface. Clean with a gentle pH-neutral stone cleaner. Avoid using acidic cleaners as they can cause etching and damage the outer surface over time.
  • Act quickly in case of spills: Clean up wine, vinegar and citrus juice spills immediately to avoid staining. Blot with a soft absorbent cloth or paper tissue to dab off the excess liquid. Don’t clean vigorously as it can spread the stain and add to the damage.
  • Weed control: Keep an eye out for weed growth in the joints. As soon as weeds appear, pull them out by the roots. If gaps appear, apply jointing material again to seal the space between the pavers.
  • Reseal Periodically: Stone needs periodic resealing to retain its gorgeous look and lustre. Depending on the type of crazy paver stone, where it is installed and the amount of foot traffic your area receives, you may need to reseal the stone every 1-2 years. Follow the sealer’s instructions or seek professional help for perfect results.
  • Protect from heavy load: Although stone is remarkably resilient, it is not advised to drop heavy loads or drag furniture across its surface to deter chipping or cracking over time. Place carpets and mats strategically in your space to preserve the life and appearance of your pavers.
  • Repair damaged pavers:To preserve the structural integrity and aesthetic appeal of the pattern, repair or replace any crazy paver that chips from the edges, cracks, or comes loose.
  • For outdoor use: Ensure that the crazy pavers installed for the patio, backyard, garden or pool areas are of the correct thickness matching the intended use of the space. Alfresco and patio areas with low foot traffic manage well with 20mm thickness while pool decks and walkways with heavy use need a thickness of at least 30mm or more. Also, ensure the right surface finish for your crazy pavers so they sustain outdoor conditions efficiently.

By following these installation and maintenance tips, you can ensure that your crazy paver flooring remains both visually pleasing and structurally firm for years to come.

Why Buy from Stone Centre?

Stone Centre, a prominent name in the stone industry, offers Australia's largest selection of finest quality natural stones. We are a one stop destination for all your stone needs including outdoor pavers, tiles, pool copings, cobblestones, stepping stones, walling and more. We are passionate about transforming outdoor spaces with beautiful sustainable solutions and are backed by our team of stone connoisseurs.

Stone Centre offers unmatched quality that speaks for itself as we continuously strive to deliver competitive pricing and a world class customer experience.

At Stone Centre, we believe there's a stone for every space and we're here to help find the perfect one for you!

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is Crazy Paving?

Crazy Paving is also known as random paving. It is a method for randomly placing paving stones commonly used in traditional indoor gardens and outdoor spaces, like patios. This building technique for placing Paving stones includes combining various designs and sizes of paving stones at random to create an eye-catching irregular pattern. We offer a variety of textures, tones and finishes in the Crazy Paving style.

2. What is the thickness of Crazy Stone Paving?

The thickness of Crazy stone paving would range between 20 mm and 40 mm.

3. What size do Crazy Paving stones come in?

Crazy Paving comes in irregular sizes ranging between 250-600 mm.

4. What is the finish of Crazy Paving stones?

We offer Crazy Paving stones in a natural split finish.

5. What do you put under crazy Paving?

Under crazy Paving, a concrete slab should be positioned. These natural stones may survive for many years when placed on sturdy surfaces like concrete because of their dependability and durability. Crazy Paving can also be placed on soft surfaces like sand beds or compacted rock bases.

6. Is it hard to lay crazy Paving?

The installation of crazy Paving might be a bit challenging. To eliminate obstacles, adequate planning and tools should be utilised. For example, the soil should be levelled correctly, and the base should be chosen keeping the area or project in mind.

7. Do Crazy Paving have the same size of stone pieces?

No, there would be a mixture of little and large fragments, but the stone would not exceed 600 mm in length. The project's final appearance is seamless and unique because of the stone's size variation. Using Crazy Pavers, you may create custom designs that flow seamlessly. When you use Crazy Pavers, ensure no two projects would have the same look.

8. What are the colour options available in Crazy Pavers?

We have an array of colour options available in Crazy Stone Paving. From grey to beige to blue to black, you can choose the most premium quality Crazy Pavers from our collection for your project space.

9. How do you clean Crazy Pavers?

Crazy Pavers require less maintenance than other building materials since they are composed of natural stones. To clear dirt and debris from Crazy Pavers' surface, use a garden hose. Use a gentle soap or detergent solution to clean the area and pressure wash it if solid material has gathered on the surface. Any acidic cleaning solution should be avoided.

10. How to maintain Crazy Pavers daily?

Use a soft broom or mop to sweep away any dirt and debris from the surface to clean and preserve Crazy Pavers. Warm water and any light soap or detergent solution often work well. For cleaning complex strains, you can use a natural stone paver cleaner. To clean the Crazy Pavers, you may pressure-wash them occasionally.

11. What types of stones are used for crazy paving?

Crazy paving, with its natural and stylish appearance, lifts the look of any outdoor area. Several types of natural stones are used for crazy paving, each exuding a distinct character.

Travertine crazy paving creates a stylish and timeless look for your spaces. Sandstone offers a classic and rustic vibe while Limestone with its white, beige and blue hues brings modern style to your outdoors. Slate, also a popular choice for crazy paving reveals a natural appearance for your outdoor settings.

12. How do you fill gaps between crazy pavers?

There are many ways to fill the gaps between crazy pavers. Mortar and sand are common options. Grouting is a more popular choice for filling gaps between crazy pavers. It is a mix of cement, sand and water. You can use a matching grout filling or a strikingly different colour than the stone. Polymeric sand is another option that is used. Some factors one must consider when choosing a method to fill the gaps are sturdiness, appearance and the climate in your region. It’s best to consult a professional to find the best option for your space.

13. When was crazy paving popular?

Crazy paving was used as a paving option way back in ancient Rome. During the 1970s, this paving method saw a revival as a creative and sustainable paving choice. It was considered to add character and a distinct style to outdoor spaces. Today, it remains popular as a modern-day landscaping trend. With a wide range of stones, colours and textures it offers endless creativity and flexibility to create stunning designs and unique patterns in your outdoor spaces.

14. Is it hard to lay crazy paving?

Laying crazy paving requires careful design planning and a methodical approach to achieve stunning results. It involves working with irregular shapes and sizes of the stones so, it is important to take accurate measurements of your area and work with precision. Arranging the stones in the desired layout beforehand will give you scope for modifications and help you achieve a visually appealing design. It's advisable to consult a professional or refer to DIY tips to ensure successful installation.

15. How do you fill gaps between crazy paving?

There are many ways to fill the gaps between crazy pavers. Mortar and sand are common options. Grouting is a more popular choice for filling gaps between crazy pavers. It is a mix of cement, sand and water. You can use a matching grout filling or a strikingly different colour than the stone. Polymeric sand is another option that is used. Some factors one must consider when choosing a method to fill the gaps are sturdiness, appearance and the climate in your region. It’s best to consult a professional to find the best option for your space.

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