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Crazy Pavers: Redefining Sustainability and Style

24 May 2023

Crazy Pavers: Redefining Sustainability and Style

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Planning your new landscape can be an overwhelming thought. How you beautify all aspects to make an exceptional outdoor living space is what most of us dream about. When it comes to modern-day landscaping ideas, style and sustainability have become equally popular considerations in design. Landscapers, builders and homeowners are continually seeking innovative and creative ways to build beautiful and feasible outdoor living areas that are nature friendly and sustainably sourced.

At present, crazy paving has made its mark as one of the most popular styles in green landscaping worldwide. The uneven shapes and rugged natural surface of these stunning crazy pavers and tiles, add charm and character to every project design. Crazy pavers give a unique and impressive look to any living space, indoors and outdoors. In this blog, we’ll discover the different kinds of crazy pavers, their benefits in landscaping and how we can use them to create stunning designs. Let’s begin!

What is Crazy Paving?

Crazy paving, also known as flagstone paving, is an exceptional stonework skill. This paving pattern works with irregular pieces of stone or concrete to create a distinct design every time, with mortar or grout filled in between the gaps.

At the outset, this started as a method to employ quarry waste but soon became a well-accepted and sought-after paving technique in the building industry. Crazy pavers exhibit a rugged texture and bring a subtle eco-friendly elegance to any space-big or small. The beauty of these pavers is that they seamlessly blend in with any design aesthetic modern, traditional or unconventional. They come in a wide range of materials with many shapes, sizes, colours and textures. With crazy pavers, you can go all out and innovate with infinite design possibilities for your living space.

What are the Kinds of Crazy Pavers Available?

Crazy pavers are available in various natural stone options, each with its unique charm and texture. Let’s explore some popular types of crazy paver and their characteristics.

Travertine Crazy Pavers

Travertine is a porous natural stone and adds stunning aesthetics to your outdoor spaces. Crazy paves in Travertine are available in white, beige, grey and silver hues and give a timeless and elegant look in any space. Classic Travertine crazy pavers come in a stunning colour blend of beige and white and beautifully accentuate the look of patios, backyards, pool surrounds and garden walkways.

Limestone Crazy pavers

Limestone is a beautiful and durable natural stone and brings a luxurious look to any project design. Limestone crazy pavers are popular for their stunning colours and clean textures and make a remarkable difference to your spaces. They are popularly used to elevate patios, alfresco, garden paths, backyards, courtyards and pool surrounds.

Bluestone Crazy Pavers

Bluestone is a dense and durable natural stone with a stunning blue-grey colour palette and creates an impressive look in every design space. Its subtle colour variations and unique texture create a distinguishing look that is difficult to replicate with other natural stone materials. Its cool blue hues work especially well around swimming pools and spa areas.

Sandstone Crazy Pavers

Sandstone, with its sand-like grainy texture, oozes a rustic appearance and earthy charm to your outdoor spaces. Crazy pavers in Sandstone, come in an array of marvellous colours such as light beige, grey, taupe and brown. Flaunting a rugged and organic appearance, it’s ideal for outdoor use in patios, backyards, walkways and gardens.

Slate Crazy Pavers

Slate is a perfect blend of beauty and durability and creates a natural rustic look in indoor and outdoor living areas such as kitchens, walkways and gardens. It's available in dazzling colours like sombre blacks and multi-chromatic golds to rustic browns and offers amazing strength and lasting beauty to your design projects.

Your stone selection will largely depend on your design aesthetics and project space. For a pool project, Bluestone crazy pavers top the charts but if you're looking to create a contrast with the cool blue waters and looking for something rustic, Teakwood Sandstone crazy pavers or Sunrise Gold crazy pavers fit the bill. So, whatever your design dreams, there is a perfect crazy paver stone for every space. If you’re unsure, seek help from a professional installer to get the best results for your outdoor space.

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What are the Benefits of Choosing Crazy Pavers in Landscaping?

  • Unequalled aesthetics
  • Crazy pavers add a unique elegance and modern charm to outdoor and indoor living areas. They are available in stunning natural stones such as Travertine, Limestone, Sandstone and Bluestone, and can redefine the style for your patio, garden, backyard or pool. Their naturally uneven shapes and rugged form excellently play up other neutral elements to create a perfect landscape. Moreover, they are versatile and provide a custom-made look to any design space. Create a one-tone perfection for your pool or choose an elaborate patio design with bold grout lines, the options are aplenty.

  • Fits any design function
  • Crazy pavers offer amazing flexibility and versatility and are very easy to work with. They can bring life to all design ideas and fulfil every design aspiration. These pavers can enhance any project space from kitchen areas to dining rooms and garden paths to swimming pools. Accessible in many colours, sizes and finishes, they can support any existing home aesthetic and add character to a newly built landscape design.

  • Durability and minimal maintenance
  • Natural stone crazy pavers are remarkably durable. They do not involve massive care and maintenance post-installation. They are robust and hold well in moisture, high temperatures and heavy foot traffic. All these characteristics make them a long-lasting choice for designing patios, walkways, garden steppers, entryways, backyards and pool decks. Periodic sealing service is adequate to keep them in top shape. The recommended frequency is one to two years based on your usage.

  • Eco-friendly & sustainable
  • Crazy Paving is a popular trend in creating green and beautiful living spaces. They are safe for the environment since they are naturally constructed and organically sourced. Moreover, they use up the unevenly shaped stones remaining while creating specific-sized pavers and tiles. They reduce the wastage of natural resources which makes them a sustainable and eco-friendly choice for your design project. They are long-lasting and do not need any repairs or replacements adding to the list of environmental benefits.

Creative Design Ideas Using Crazy Pavers

Crazy pavers are an impressive design feature for any new project or an existing landscape decor. They support easy installation and can be executed as a DIY project if you are an experienced homeowner. But if you’ve not worked with these paving stones before we recommend hiring a professional installer. They can help you pick the right colour combination of grout filling and stones since the overall result of your project depends on the arrangement of the stones.

One important thing to keep in mind is to first create a design layout. This gives you the flexibility to adjust the stone shapes and designs. Focus on creating an irregular pattern avoiding laying the pavers in a straight line and you’ll be ecstatic with the results you achieve.

  • Create an unconventional patio seating area
  • One way to use crazy pavers in your sustainable outdoor design is as flooring. This adds a dash of style and makes a remarkable difference to your outdoor ambience.

  • Add a stylish twist to your outdoor furniture
  • Have you ever thought of using crazy pavers as a unique outdoor furniture set-up? You can use them creatively to design a stone bench for a relaxing outdoor retreat. Add some comfy cushions with bold patterns, a few plants and string lights, and your new lounging corner is ready.

  • Lay a scenic garden path
  • Crazy pavers look amazing as garden steppers. Their rugged finish, uneven shapes and varied sizes bring an organic element to your garden space and perfectly blend with the colours of your landscape. You can use them to create a scenic garden path or walkway around your garden or connect separate areas of your outdoor spaces.

  • Create a dazzling pool area
  • If you’re looking for a high-impact way to elevate your pool area, without involving any major renovation, crazy pavers will make your dreams come true. This paving style beautifully enhances indoor or outdoor spaces no matter how big or small, with minimum effort. We can vouch for it!

  • Design indoor dining & kitchen areas
  • Who says crazy pavers are just for outdoor spaces? They can surely bring a stunning style statement to your home interiors as well. They add a subtle yet striking look to your otherwise minimal décor in places like kitchen and dining areas. Use crazy pavers to enhance your indoor aesthetics, dare to be different!

The Final Rundown! Using crazy pavers in your modern design project or existing landscape is a sure-shot way to bring style and sustainability to your spaces. With their superb durability, minimal maintenance and appealing appearance, Crazy Paves are an excellent choice for lifting your outdoor oasis and indoor décor. Available in a range of materials such as Travertine, Limestone, Sandstone and Bluestone, they give innovative design possibilities for sustainably revamping your space.

There are many styles, colours and sizes available in crazy pavers. Reach out to our stone experts and they will assist you to find the perfect one for your dream space. Check out our extensive product range for amazing ideas and inspiration and bring this trending crazy effect to your space.

*Disclaimer: All information and advice given above in the blog are to the best of our knowledge. Please reconfirm at your end before execution.

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