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Bluestone Crazy Paving

Bluestone Crazy Paving

Bluestone crazy paving is a versatile and eye-catching choice for indoor and outdoor spaces. The style of paving is universal and the irregular shapes of the shape of stones create a unique appearance that will transform your space effortlessly. The rich, natural colour palette of Bluestone ranges from blue and grey to subtle earth tones.

The irregular shapes and sizes result in interlocking patterns pleasing to the eye. No two stones look alike, which means the crazy pavement is rare and imbues the area with an originality of structures and styles. Bluestone in a natural finish can also work with many architectural aesthetics, from rustic and traditional to contemporary and modern.

Bluestone crazy paving is stylish and efficient since it lasts for a long time. Compared to other stone products, Bluestone is relatively hard and dense, which means that this natural stone is suitable for weight-center applications such as walking paths, decks, parking spaces and pathways. It does not crack or fade due to weathering, so you can use them indoors and outdoors.

Crazy paving made from Bluestone, once applied, demands very little maintenance due to the nature of the material used. It cannot be easily stained and is easily washed. Moreover, Bluestone’s matte finish gives it an anti-skid feature, making it ideal for areas like pool decks and bathrooms where surfaces are more likely to be wet.

The applications of Bluestone crazy paving are vast. Outdoors can create inviting and functional living areas, seamlessly blending with gardens and landscapes or providing a stylish and long-lasting surface for driveways. When used indoors, these specific characteristics make Bluestone crazy paving very suitable for kitchen, dining room and bathroom areas. It is also a great material to use in commercial areas where it will stand up well to lots of foot traffic. Bluestone crazy paving, like other Bluestone tiles and pavings, is timeless and classic, embracing beauty, functionality and durability in every building structure.

A leading supplier of Bluestone Crazing Paving in Australia, Stone Centre offers an extensive range of these products. We deliver across Australia, including Sydney (NSW), Brisbane (QLD), Melbourne (VIC) and more. Our stones help you personalise any space, as natural stones add beauty and charm to every space.

Product Features

  • Finish :
  • Sizing:
    Irregular crazy paving (250~600mm)
  • Thickness:
  • Application:
    Pool Surrounds, Alfresco, Verandas, Pathways, Garden Paving, Courtyards, Floors, Walls

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is Bluestone Crazy Paving?

Bluestone Crazy Paving is one of the most preferred building designs. They come in greyish-blue shades. They give outdoor spaces a creative and vibrant charm. With this magnificent collection of natural stones, your patio, garden, and indoor areas can come to life.

2. What is the size of Bluestone Crazy Paving?

Bluestone Crazy Pavers come in irregular sizes ranging between 250- and 600 mm. Bluestone Crazy Paving thickness would vary from 20 mm to 40 mm. We offer Bluestone Crazy Pavers 20mm thickness and in a natural split finish.

3. Are there different qualities available for Bluestone Crazy Paving?

Bluestone Crazy Pavers typically have three distinct qualities: commercial, standard, and premium. We exclusively stock and distribute premium-quality products.

4. Where can I use Bluestone Crazy Pavers?

Patios, pathways, alfresco, driveways, walkways, gardens, and other outdoor areas may be paved with Bluestone Crazy Pavers. Around swimming pools, Bluestone Crazy Pavers are also appropriate since they offer good grip.

5. Is Bluestone Crazy Paving a strong material for outdoor Paving?

Bluestone Crazy Pavers are a durable material for outdoor Paving. They can be used in modern architecture to pave patios, outdoor areas, pathways, swimming pools, gardens, and walkways.

6. Can Bluestone Crazy Paving be used around the pool?

Bluestone Crazy Paving has now become a popular option for Paving pool surrounds. The random patterns create a unique appearance, breaking the monotony of the space.

7. Can I use Bluestone Crazy Pavers on the patio or alfresco?

If you want to design a lovely outdoor sitting area, choose Bluestone Crazy Paving. Crazy Paving improves the appearance of your patio or outdoor space and adds a unique design element to the flooring.

8. Do Bluestone Crazy Paving stones need to be sealed?

When purchasing a crazy paver made of natural stone, the first thing to remember is to seal the stone. Bluestone Crazy Paving stones must be sealed to increase the stone's lifespan, prevent it from scratches and stains, and help it maintain its natural colour.

9. How many coats of sealant are recommended for Bluestone Crazy Pavers?

We advise putting two coats of sealant on the surface of Bluestone Crazy Pavers during installation. Your Crazy Pavers minimise the risk of staining or scratching after sealing.

10. How do you clean Bluestone Crazy Pavers?

Bluestone Crazy Pavers require less upkeep because they are composed of natural stone. You can easily clean the Bluestone Crazy Pavers by removing dirt and debris from the surface with a garden hose. If there is a buildup of solid material on the surface, you might pressure wash the area and clean it with a light soap or detergent solution. Avoid scrubbing the Bluestone Crazy Pavers with any acidic liquid.

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