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Stop Stressing about fireplace! Wall Cladding Series

4 May 2024

Stop Stressing about fireplace! Wall Cladding Series

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Your home's fireplace will have a unique, organic look that is in tune with nature if you use natural stone for it. Natural stone not only has aesthetic advantages but can also absorb, store, and radiate heat, allowing the warmth from the fireplace to spread throughout your room or outdoor space.

For fireplace surrounds, wall cladding is a popular option since it produces a distinctive design. For an attractive appearance, you should check out the different wall cladding series we offer.

A chic way to give your design a custom finish is by using wall cladding. It can infuse the area with charm, warmth, and a decorative aspect.

Wall cladding is appropriate for both indoor and outdoor fireplaces.

As an aspiring homeowner interested in building a fireplace at your home, you should check out the different walling series we have to offer.

Let’s brief you more on what are natural stone wall cladding.

About Stone Wall Cladding

Natural stone walling is a kind of wall treatment that has the look of tile but without the severe flaws of full stone walls. It nevertheless has the natural beauty and sheen of a stone finish. The process of placing a layer of wall cladding stones onto another surface results in stone veneers, or ornamental wall coverings.

You're not confined to a "rustic" style when it comes to wall cladding; there are many contemporary versions available. Because cladding tiles are typically less expensive than full-stone tiles, they may create stunning visual effects with little outlay of funds. Historically, outside wall projects have made greater use of cladding, one of the greatest natural materials for outside wall panels.

Please refer to the comparison guide below for a better understanding before making your final decision on the product choice.

Traditional vs Free Style Walling

Our exquisite range of traditional wall series comes in one specific size that fits all types of walls cladding projects, including a fireplace. Free Style Walling, on the other hand, is the opposite of the former and comes in loose pieces, giving the installer more flexibility with installation and designing your wall.

Pros & Cons of Traditional Walling:

  1. They offer a well organised appearance that goes well with a variety of fireplace designs.
  2. They are renowned for their resistance and lifespan since they are constructed using strong materials and building techniques.
  3. Traditional style walling is resistant to heat and deterioration over time, requiring little upkeep.
  4. There is not a lot of scope for creativity in design.
  5. Compared to free style options, traditional walling fireplace projects may be more costly due to the professional expertise and material requirements.

Pros & Cons of Free Style Walling:

  1. Since some fireplace designs may be curved and sculpted to suit personal preferences, free style walling offers countless design options.
  2. Free style walling has a visually pleasing, organic aspect that melds in perfectly with the surrounding natural environment thanks to its asymmetrical forms and textures.
  3. Free style walling demands certain expertise and skill to guarantee sound design and stability.
  4. They are mostly used as ornamental or boundary walls.

Traditional Series Free Style Series
Size 500x250x30mm Random up to 350mm
Finish Rockface Natural Split
Corners Available NA Yes
Usage Indoor and Outdoor Indoor and Outdoor
Colour Availability Beige and Grey Beige, Grey, Cream, Blue and more.

Stacked Stone vs Ledge Stone Walling

For your fireplace or any other wall project space, you can choose from many options available in the stacked stone and ledge stone walling series. They come in a variety of colour options and in a flawless natural split finish to suit every wall project type.

Pros & Cons of Stacked Stone Walling:

  1. Any fireplace design can benefit from the sleek, modern appearance that stacked stone walls provide.
  2. It might take a lot of time and labour to precisely lay each stone needed to create a stacked stone wall.
  3. The depth and textural variety inherent in other types, such ledge stone, may be absent from stacked stone wall cladding.

Pros & Cons of Ledge Stone Walling:

  1. Ledge stone walling provides warmth and character by the organic, textured appearance.
  2. The uneven forms and differing densities of ledge stones produce a surface that is dynamic, intriguing, and has depth and dimension.
  3. To keep material accumulation at bay and preserve their look, ledge stone walls need more regular upkeep.

Stacked Stone Series Ledge Series
Size 600x150x12-22mm 600x200x20-35mm
Finish Natural Split Natural Split
Corners Available NA Yes
Usage Indoor and Outdoor Indoor and Outdoor
Colour Availability Multi Colour, Black, White Beige, White, Blue, Cream

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