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Grant Your Garden an Artistic Touch with Stepping Stone

24 Jun 2024

Grant Your Garden an Artistic Touch with Stepping Stone

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Have you ever entered a beautifully decorated outdoor space and sensed something lacking? All the elements are there—colour scheme, outdoor furniture, accent pieces and lighting—but what sometimes feels so off?

Most likely, it is texture. The texture element makes any space stand out and come to life. Even the most contemporary landscaping design would feel dead and flat without texture.

So how can you introduce texture into your landscaping?

With the help of natural stones that are durable and affordable at the same time.

Building materials made of natural stone are renowned for their physical and aesthetic qualities. So why not choose them to come up with beautiful landscaping design ideas? One of the most popular ones is Stepping Stones for garden. They are the tiny bits that uniquely charm the outdoor oasis. There are many Stepping Stones garden ideas that you can go for, however, let’s start with the basics.

What are Stepping stones?

Stepping Stones, or Stepping Stone Pavers or Steppers, are boulders you may use to create secure walkways outside your home. They serve as a route that directs guests to the home’s front door. The stepping stones, which can be constructed of Travertine, Sandstone, Limestone, Marble, or Bluestone, are sealed for better resistance to rain and other inclement weather.

Laying down rectangular stones for a route through the grass may create a brief, time-honoured appearance. Alternatively, you can use natural stones artistically carved into stunning designs to embellish your environment. We provide many stepping stone designs for garden in various colours, designs and styles to match your unique idea of the ideal outdoor design.

Are there different types of Stepping Stone sizes for garden?

Yes, there are several sizes of Stepping Stones for gardens to meet diverse aesthetic and practical purposes. Stepping stones are available in a variety of sizes, from small, compact stones perfect for constructing delicate, meandering paths through flower beds to bigger, more substantial stones that create a sturdy and visually appealing walkway over lawns or gravel areas. Some stones are carved into conventional patterns such as circles, squares, and rectangles, while others keep their original, uneven shape, lending a rustic appeal to the landscape. The size and style of the stone design for garden are determined by the intended look and practical needs, allowing for customisation to suit any landscape design.

Benefits of using Stepping Stones for a Garden Makeover

The following are some benefits of upgrading your front entry with Stepping Stones:

  • Durable and long-lasting
  • Easy maintenance
  • Increase the value of the property
  • Provides better grip
  • Environmentally friendly

Let’s dig deeper to understand why we use Stepping Stones for garden space.

They are fun and handy
Stepping stones in grass can range from being formal, which gives your garden a distinct edge, to being more organised and spread out in a less formal style. They may fit into any design style and add joy to any garden or outdoor space.

They can guide you
Using Stepping Stones, you may quickly direct everybody who views your site. They might be the ideal answer to direct how you and your visitors experience your outdoor areas if you are growing your garden specifically or want certain sections to be connected.

It’s not too difficult to install them
Whether you choose Bluestone Stepping Stones or Sandstone Stepping Stones, they are comparatively easy to install. They can be installed in various settings, even across water, if consideration is given to where and what will be laid around them, such as pebbles vs grass. Ensure you get a specialist immediately to have the task done correctly.

They adapt well to many environments
Stepping Stones for garden may be surrounded with pebbles, a traditional and low-maintenance combination, grass, artificial grass, gravel or green ground cover. Stepping stones can be cut as pavers or organically shaped.

They are not always merely a path
Typically laid as a walkway, Stepping Stones are now used as a decorative feature. You can lay them across a garden or patio to add a soft character to the space. You can use large Stepping Stone for walkways and pathways.

They are a sensible option
Stepping stones have several benefits, including being soft underfoot and allowing for considerably better drainage than concrete walkways. They are durable, easy to maintain and may even be installed in tight or curved locations.

Different Shapes Available for Beautiful Stepping Stones

You may be as inventive as you like while building stepping stones out of natural stones in various forms and designs. Here are some captivating design suggestions to transform your garden into a divine setting for a stroll.

1. Oval or Round Stepping Stones
To provide a smooth-looking promenade, round or oval-shaped Stepping Stones can be placed on the lush, green meadow. Walking on natural stone walks may be made a pleasurable experience by using spherical stones of various shapes.

We advise using a smooth-textured, lower-scale stepping stone if dealing with a more miniature landscape. As a general guideline, limiting textures and colours to tiny areas is recommended to avoid overcrowding the space.

2. Irregular Stepping Stones
Do you enjoy using your outside area to make a big statement? If so, use a set of irregular large Stepping Stones with grass that will flow grandly through your landscape. A substantial stone pathway will catch the eye and make a statement on your exterior, whether you’re bridging your patio and fire pit or your front and backyard.

A path with erratic Stepping Stones in grass also gives the garden a more natural feel. It seems to be a smooth transition between the garden and the lush grassland. To improve the natural appearance, use Stepping Stones of varying sizes that are uneven.

3. Broken Stepping Stones
We don’t intend it that way! Crushed stones like boulders, pebbles and gravel are also a creative choice. The gravel and pebbles are meticulously sifted during installation and placed in a circular stepping stone. This provides a garden with a distinctive and alluring appearance. The same method is used to treat rocks of various sizes so that gorgeous natural stone paths may be made from them.

An alternate approach would be to combine whole and crushed natural stones to create a pleasing appearance. We advise choosing a Stepping Stone with a modern spin on a natural stone texture if you want total design flexibility. As a result, you are not required to include it in a conventional landscape design.

4. Spherical or Rectangular Stepping Stones
Another excellent concept is to use square or rectangular Stepping Stones to create a symmetrical or asymmetrical promenade. The zigzag pattern of the stepping stones gives the walker a comical sight and sensation.

A thin, straight natural stone walkway is also a suitable option, depending on how the garden is laid out. Such paths surrounded by vibrant plants and bushes have a magnificent appearance and feel thanks to Sandstone, Granite and Slatestone tiles.

Here are some tips to properly maintain your Stepping Stones

Your Stepping Stone pathway requires little overall care but is very important. Being persistent with the small upkeep prevents more involved maintenance of your garden path in the future. Some environmental variables could necessitate some more care and maintenance.

Use liquid dish wash for food or beverage spills
Who hasn’t accidentally spilt some wine at a dinner party? Don’t freak out if one of your visitors has made a small mistake with alcohol or food. These mishaps need to be immediately cleaned up with warm water. Most food and beverage stains on Stepping Stone pavers can be removed with liquid dish soap or laundry detergent. Warm water should be added to a soap or detergent solution before gently scrubbing the stain away with a cloth or soft-bristled brush.

Let your liquid dish wash sit for some time to remove oil strains
You’re not sure what to do if some oil or grease stains have started to form on your Stepping Stone pavers. We know the answer! Liquid dish soap may often remove light oil and grease stains. Apply the soap directly to the Stepping Stone for walkway and let it sit for 20 to 30 minutes before using a nylon brush to scrub it clean. Next, rinse with hot water. Apply again and keep doing so until the stain is gone. Use a clean rag or paper towel to massage the area if the stain is recent gently.

Be careful with fertilisers if you have plants near your stones
Have you noticed that the walkway in your garden is starting to rust? Many of us experience this! Some fertilisers include iron, which may tarnish the surface of the Stepping Stones in your landscaping. Be careful to clean the pavement’s surface after applying grass or plant fertiliser to avoid rust streaks.

Seal the stones before installing
It could be a good idea to consider sealing your Stepping Stones pathway area, depending on your surroundings. Although sealing won’t stop stains, removing them will make them much more accessible. Consider it a shield that will protect you. Instead of soaking in the stone, the stain rests on the sealant. For instance, more leaves will fall onto stone stairs in a location with many trees, perhaps leading to more organic stains developing throughout the seasons.

Use landscape stepping stones designs

The most typical purpose of large stepping stones for walkway is to add a unique aspect to the area. Stones can be scattered apart to reveal mulch, gravel, or grass or packed together to produce a solid, level surface. Geometric, asymmetrical, mosaic and combined patterns are all possible. You may also combine several Stepping Stones to get your desired landscape appearance.

However, Stepping Stones for gardens can now be used for purposes other than paving a path. En masse, they might be an easy and economical option for a patio right off your house or in another section of your yard.

We at Stone Centre can assist you in creating the ideal landscaping Stepping Stone design. We bring you a wide range of choices in Stepping Stones, whether you are looking for a rustic look or something completely selective. Your yard or garden may be transformed into exactly what you want with our team of knowledgeable specialists.

So, what are you waiting for? Get your free samples today and start planning your design.

*Disclaimer: All information and advice given above in the blog are to the best of our knowledge. Please reconfirm at your end before execution.

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