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Everything You Need to Know About Crazy Paving

11 Jan 2024

Everything You Need to Know About Crazy Paving

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Crazy paving has become one of the most famous landscaping trends in Sydney. If you're exploring to modernise the look of your garden or backyard, this unusual type of paving is aesthetically beautiful and surprisingly long-lasting, which makes it the perfect option for injecting chicness and sophistication into your outdoor area.

These irregularly shaped and intriguingly patterned stones are stunning, striking, and perfect for adding a quirky touch to the space around you. For any design project to be both aesthetically pleasing and long-lasting, selecting the right material is crucial.

We'll discuss all things crazy pavers in this blog, including their growing popularity and applications in landscape design. Whether you want to use Travertine, Limestone, Bluestone, or any other crazy paver material, we'll share some helpful installation and maintenance suggestions with you. There’s a lot to explore, so let’s get started!

Crazy Paving: How it All Started?

Crazy paving, sometimes referred to as Flagstone is a classic flooring method that originated in ancient Rome. This type of flooring uses unevenly shaped pieces to produce a distinctive, unpredictable pattern, filling the spaces between each stone with mortar and grouting.

With its distinctive and striking appearance, crazy paving has become a popular trend in Australia, giving any outdoor area texture and personality. Ironically, this method began with a random practice of using leftover stones from quarries, but it quickly became a recognised way to pave. Due to its outstanding appearance and adaptability, Sydney residents and business owners have grown to adore this type of paving. Amazing paths, patios, gardens, poolsides, and other breathtaking outdoor spaces are being created with crazy pavers in landscaping projects.

Is it Easy to Get the Desired Outcome with Crazy Pavers?

Naturally broken stones left while creating large symmetrical pavers can be used to create a captivating and spectacular crazy pave design. The ultimate aesthetic impact might differ greatly depending on the amount of space, form, and material of the paver or tile. Combine different colour and texture variants to come up with intriguing patterns or blend the colour of the stone and the grout spaces between the pavers to give your living area a truly remarkable look. It is possible to create an amazing and memorable outdoor setting with the correct combination.

It takes considerable planning and creativity to lay pavers with a distinctive design; it's an artistic endeavour to achieve the ideal balance. To have an idea of how the end outcome will look, it's helpful to arrange the stone pieces before starting. This will ensure that the components fit together pleasingly while assisting you in avoiding having straight, consistent patterns. With a little persistence and imagination, you can construct a beautiful outdoor place that you will love for seasons to come.

Advantages of Using Crazy Pavers in Your Design

Crazy paving offers a lot of advantages. The ability to break up dullness and create a distinctive and fashionable outdoor space is among its most well-liked benefits. Crazy paving is a visual delight that can also be utilised to build a cosy patio space that's ideal for enjoying time with loved ones or hosting friends and guests. Furthermore, crazy paving can assist in giving your yard more texture and appeal.

Because it demands minimal to no upkeep after it is laid down, crazy paving also happens to be extremely simple to look after. To create a distinctive and captivating appearance, it can also be combined with additional elements. In conclusion, as compared to alternative paving materials, crazy paving is a cost-effective choice. What better way to jazz up your outdoor space than with crazy paving?

What Kind of Materials can be Used for Crazy Paving


Classic Light Travertine crazy paver is an absolute beauty with its lovely beige hue and rich texture. It offers inherent slip resistance and a robust appearance thanks to its structural strength. Silver Travertine crazy pavers are perfect to enhance the beauty of your patios, alfresco, garden paths and other outdoor spaces. Their silver-beige hue brings a timeless charm and blends with both modern and conventional design styles.


One widely used material for crazy paving is Limestone. Our Escaut crazy pavers give your area a beautiful European charm. A lovely effect can be achieved for your living space by the subtle hues of creamy grey in an amazing haphazard arrangement filled with white grouting. And to top it off their endurance, ease of cleaning, and minimal maintenance let you enjoy their natural appeal for an extended period.

Mangolia Limestone crazy pavers are an excellent pick for outdoor spaces because of their stunning greyish tone combined with vivid shades of white and deep grey. Its durable exterior also resists stains and damage from the elements, making it a stunning and lasting feature for your outdoor area.

With their gorgeous rustic vibe, our Midnight Glow Limestone crazy pavers enhance the appearance of your living space and significantly raise the value of your home. They can also be reused as recycled paving, making them environmentally sustainable.


With the adaptable Bluestone crazy pavers, you can maximise the attractiveness of your outdoor space. Its amazing cool-blue tint will improve the appearance of your interiors, as well as the look of your courtyard, garden, and pool surrounds. This sturdy and long-lasting natural stone also requires little maintenance and has a long lifespan.


For millennia, people have utilised sandstone as a classic flooring material. A vibrant atmosphere can be created in any area with our Sunrise Gold Sandstone crazy pavers, which combine soft yellow, subdued pink, light grey, and pale brown stunningly.

Is Crazy Paving Right for a Modern Setting or Traditional?

Crazy paving may be made to fit any design style, which is fortunate given the range of materials that are accessible, the concept's adaptability, and the various locations in which it can be applied. This type of approach may be simply applied to upgrade and enhance any design project, whether you're creating an upscale residence or renovating a conventional backyard.

How to Lay Crazy Pavers

In landscaping, crazy paving is a well-liked and striking paving technique. To produce a fascinating design, stones are laid in an uneven pattern. Contrary to how it seems, creating your crazy paving design layout is quite simple. It just requires some thought and pre-planning. You may design a stunning and unique feature for your garden, lawn, or walkway with some inspiration and the appropriate materials. Crazy paving is a beautiful and quirky method to give your outdoor space a distinctive touch.

Here are a Few Easy Suggestions for Laying Crazy Pavers

  • Before you begin, prepare your design. Assess the space and decide exactly where you prefer the crazy paving to go. To assist with the stone placement planning, sketch your proposed layout.
  • Select the most suitable kind of stone to suit your project. Usually, Limestone, Bluestone, Travertine or Sandstone are used to create crazy paving. Opt for the stone kind that most closely matches your taste and budget as each has a unique appearance and texture.
  • Level the ground if needed, then prepare the place where the stones will be laid. This will make it more likely that you will have a level, smooth surface.
  • Working your way around the area to the other side, start arranging the stones in that spot. Ensure that every stone sits securely against the next one by placing it with precision. As you proceed, use a spirit level to ensure that each set of stones is even.
  • To ensure protection from moisture, weather, and normal wear and tear, seal the stone with a high-quality sealant at the end.

How to Maintain Your Crazy Pavers: Useful Tips

  • During installation, always use a high-quality sealant to keep your crazy pavers secured.
  • Regular sweeping or washing is recommended to prevent the growth of algae and moss on crazy paving.
  • Use a pressure washer to give your crazy paving a thorough power wash once a year to get rid of any accumulated dirt and grime. But following that, seal your pavers right away.
  • If your paving has any stains, try using a stiff bristled brush and detergent to scrape them off. For more stubborn stains, you may be required to pressure wash or contact a professional cleaning service.
  • To stop weeds from forming, fill in any holes or gaps as soon as possible with sealant.

Using Crazy Pavers in Design

These are some crazy patio ideas that will make your outdoor area something to remember. They effortlessly break up the monotony of standard paving and revitalise drab spaces. They liven up the atmosphere and create a picture-perfect set-up for the outdoor environment.

Walls and Flooring by the Pool

Use crazy pavers to make your pool area a colourful, energetic place! These long-lasting and non-slip paving stones can glam up your pool walls in addition to enhancing the beauty of the floors around your pool.

Stunning Patio Flooring

You can redo your patio in an elegant yet budget-friendly manner with crazy pavers. With the addition of exquisite planters and lighting, you may create a truly remarkable area. Instead of adding too many elements and overspending, make use of your spacious open area by using crazy pavers and see the striking difference it can create.

Paths that lead to the Entry

Create the ideal initial impact. Crazy paver flooring gives a space a striking, unique appearance that makes it seem like something straight out of a postcard. It's a wonderful way to craft a stunning entry that will draw attention and compliments alike.

Highlight Wall in the Bathroom

You can easily create a great statement effect in your indoor rooms, such as your master bathroom, by adding crazy pavers to highlight a wall. Crazy Pavers are not only highly practical but also aesthetically pleasing, providing endurance and durability in places that are prone to wetness. Crazy pavers will make a stunning impression and elevate the appearance of your bathroom.

Steppers for the Garden

Crazy pavers are a unique way to add some flair to your garden. As garden steppers, these unusual stones will complement your outdoor living area's overall design flawlessly. Your kids and family will treasure this gorgeous garden for years to come, while they play and explore it.

To Sum Up!

The trend of transforming the outdoors using crazy paving is growing in popularity and why not? It's an excellent, low-maintenance technique to provide visual interest and texture in any outdoor area. Crazy pavers offer the scope to be utilised in an array of ways, whether you're going for a more stylish design or something more conventional. It will look great in your house or even in a business setting thanks to its vibrant hues and naturally irregular patterns. What better way to find something different than to try crazy paving? Look through our wide selection and pick the ideal one for your living area. Our professionals are here to assist you in selecting the ideal stone and to respond to any questions you may have as you go!

*Disclaimer: All information and advice given above in the blog are to the best of our knowledge. Please reconfirm at your end before execution.

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