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Enhancing Your Porch with Natural Stones

27 Feb 2023

Enhancing Your Porch with Natural Stones

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This modern-day outdoor need, which is a must-have in nearly half of all new single-family homes, is the ideal fusion of design and function.

A porch not only provides a handy place for mail carriers to leave parcels and visitors to enter your home, but it can also significantly improve the curb appeal of your house. It's also the perfect place to unwind when the weather is just right.

Despite how often we walk by on porches, we almost never think about where they came from. What makes porches so common? Do porches come in a variety of styles? Would you be able to define what a porch is, in fact? Porches turn out to be much more than they appear to be and are an important element to your home.

What is a porch?

It's a design element that can be seen on the front and back of the home, all the way around, or just at one corner. Its primary purpose is to offer protection to those coming into the house in the rain or when they simply want a place to enjoy the outdoors from the front of the property.

Porch types to help you find the right inspiration for your home


Although lanais are popular in Hawaii, they are popular all over the world. A lanai is a porch that is enclosed. A lanai is often located on the ground close to a house and, unlike sunrooms, has a concrete floor.


A portico is a little, covered area located directly in front of a home's entryway that pays homage to its Grecian roots. A portico is normally supported by columns.

Back Porch

Although front porches are more common, some homeowners might like the idea of a back porch. Imagine it as a deck that is covered.

Wraparound Porch

With a wraparound porch that surrounds your home on at least two sides, you can make the most of your outdoor area. But wait—doesn't that constitute a veranda in the same way? Well, almost: The design of verandas is open-air.


Do you want to upgrade your indoor-outdoor living? The loggia, which is essentially a covered outdoor passageway, will win your heart. Loggias can be found on both the ground floor and the upper floors and are sometimes used as a fancy word for porches.

Rain Porch

If you want to make your porch an addition to your house, A covered porch, fortunately, includes space for a seating area. This design typically features an extended roof that allows rainwater to drain.

Screened-in Porch

A screen porch with a screened enclosure can be used throughout the year. Others even call this design a sun porch.

5 natural stones perfect for your porch


What better way to add elegance and charm to your porch area than with beautiful Travertine? The stone comes in shades of beige, cream, and grey, which are perfect to elevate your porch. Travertine is durable, and it comes in 12 mm and 30 mm thickness options. Travertine pavers and tiles are perfect for adding aesthetics to your project space.

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If you are thinking of doing a porch, be ready to get amused with the subtle colour tones of limestone tiles and pavers for your build. They come in a variety of tones ranging from white, cream, beige, black, and grey that can match the surrounding theme of your porch. Available in 12 mm, 15  mm, and 30 mm thicknesses, limestone tiles and pavers are your best bet for your project space.

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Bluestone is a volcanic stone famous for the dense look it offers to any project. If you want to go with a grey colour scheme for your porch, Bluestone tiles and pavers should be at the top of your list. Available in 20mm and 30mm thick sizes, bluestone is sure to add beauty to your porch.

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Marble tiles and pavers are two more grey options to consider if you want to create a unique look for your porch. Marble is strong and can last for ages if maintained properly. Our offering comes in 15mm and 30mm thicknesses with an anti-slip finish perfect for your porch area.

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Granite is a strong natural stone that could last for ages and beyond with little maintenance, nor does it look good, but it adds the right appeal to your porch area with its dense colour tone. Choose from black, grey, and beige to create a beautiful and long-lasting porch for your home.

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Let’s wrap it up.

If you are thinking porch, think of natural stones. If you are thinking natural stones, think of Stone Centre. The porch is an important element, considering its functionality and the appeal it adds to your home. Natural stones like travertine, limestone, marble, granite, and bluestone are good options for your porch build and the perfect way to bring nature close to you.

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