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Crafting Timeless Spaces with Stone Wall Cladding

29 Dec 2023

Crafting Timeless Spaces with Stone Wall Cladding

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If you're on the lookout for an astonishing yet understated way to elevate the walls of your home, stone wall cladding might just be the perfect option for you. This walling technique is adored for its ability to effortlessly enhance the style quotient of any space and differentiate it from the rest. When it comes to renovating with stone wall cladding, you must plan the outside of the home with the same consideration as the interior spaces to harmonise the colour, texture and design aesthetics with your décor and existing architectural style. When choosing a cladding material for your outdoor space, consider the surrounding landscape and climatic considerations. Likewise, while redesigning your interior walls, consider your interior aesthetics, furnishing colours, décor items and other elements that constitute your home design.

There are many ways wall cladding can be used, both inside and outside of a property. Owing to its timeless appeal, this design addition will look fantastic in your space for many years to come. In this blog post, we'll explore all about stone wall cladding and how to use it in your spaces to help you decide if it's the right choice for your house. So, read on to know all about stone wall cladding.

What are the Styles Available in Stone Wall Cladding?

There are many different forms of stone wall cladding, each with its distinct features and beauty.

Traditional Wall Cladding

This walling style, as its name implies, has an extended history of usage in the construction and architectural sectors. This type of walling has been utilised in all historic locations and historical monuments that have wall covering installed. It's simple to install because it employs rectangular stone pieces with a sawn-cut back. This walling is still popular today because it appeals to people who want a natural and rustic vibe.

Free Style Wall Cladding

Random stone shapes are utilised in Free Style Walling, where they are put together like parts of a jigsaw puzzle. It's commonly used to design both contemporary and rustic walling styles for building facades, garden walls, fireplaces, boundary walls and fencing. It is an entirely organic freestyle technique where different sizes and shapes are arranged asymmetrically to produce a visually appealing, useful and sturdy wall pattern. A popular choice for improving both external facades and internal walls is our Geneva Free Style Walling. If you have a thing for white aesthetics, you'll fall in love with our recently launched Calista Walling. Its ivory hues are sure to create a dream-like ambience in any space.

Stacked Stone Wall Cladding

Popular walling styles include stacked stone walls. In this design, the stone is sliced into strips and has an extremely durable adhesive backing. While the shapes and forms of the sizes employed vary, typically layouts have a clean, rectangular appearance. A multitude of styles, from rustic to futuristic, can be achieved by arranging the stones in different ways. Stacked stone walling is usually made from natural stones such as Slate, Sandstone and Limestone. Your fireplace area will have the ideal, eye-catching style thanks to our stunning Alpine Blue Wall Cladding.

Dry Stone Wall Cladding

By covering an existing wall or surface with a thin layer of natural stones, the Dry Stone Walling style gives your walls an amazing appearance. To secure the stones in place, a specialised strong cement or glue is applied. This walling type is well-liked for house, garden, and office facades because of its lovely texture, longevity, and low upkeep.

Essential considerations to keep in mind before choosing Natural Stone Wall Cladding

Natural stone wall cladding is an excellent option if you want to enhance the exterior or interior walls of your house. However, there are a few factors to consider before deciding which stone should be used.

Material Selection

For stone wall cladding, a range of materials are available, including Slate, Sandstone and Limestone. Explore the materials, their textures and colours to see which ones would be most appropriate for your needs. You can reach out to suppliers and request samples to see how a particular material looks and feels in your design space.

Quality is Vital

It's imperative to select premium natural stone for outdoor wall cladding. There should be no compromising on the quality of the stone; pick one that's good enough to withstand all the elements and will last you for years with minimal maintenance.

Prioritise Functionality

Maintaining the structural integrity of your home depends on having an exterior wall cladding that can endure harsh weather. For your outside, you need something incredibly durable and weatherproof that can withstand intense heat, torrential rain, bright sunshine, hailstorms, and extremely cold temperatures. For the inside of your home, interior wall cladding serves as thermal insulation as well, helping to keep the internal spaces at a constant temperature and providing energy savings.

Carefully Select Installation Style

Using a simple installation method for your wall cladding will drastically cut down on project expenses and duration. To save time and money, choosing cladding that is easy to install is essential. Depending on the aesthetics you wish to achieve and your personal design preference, choose from the range of Walling styles listed in the above section of this blog.

Consider Upkeep Requirements

When choosing natural stone wall cladding for your project, maintenance is an important factor to take into account. A costly, high-maintenance item or a delicate, easily damaged material would not be something you would want to spend your money on. Also consider the amount of time you wish to spend in cleaning and maintaining, and choose the wall cladding accordingly.

Go for Expert Installation

Whether you're looking for external wall cladding for a boundary wall, feature wall, retaining wall, or façade or interior walling options to accentuate your living room or bedroom walls, you must search for a skilled installer or contractor with experience with natural stones. Request for project brochures to see their past work and how the final result will look like, then carefully consider your options.

How to Use Stone Wall Cladding in Your Design Space?

There are a plethora of ways to incorporate walling in your interior or exterior spaces. Let’s take a look at some popular wall-cladding applications.

Exterior Walls of Your Home

Exterior stone wall cladding is typically used to cover a building's outside surfaces and walls. Natural stone walling delivers a beautiful result, enhancing the durability and value of your home and making it look stylish for years to come. Using stone on the exterior of your building gives it an enduring appearance making it stand out among the several other structures in the neighbourhood.

Walls at Entryways

Building a gateway on your property out of natural stone is sure to enhance its aesthetic appeal. It makes a big impression even before someone steps foot in your building. Setting the tone for the rest of your house may also be accomplished by covering your home's entryway with stone wall cladding. It may have an impact on how you enhance your exterior features, such as your landscape. Whether you're going for a traditional, rustic, or contemporary look for your home, be sure that your decor and stone tints work well together.

Highlight Wall for Dining Space

Stone cladding is a stunning option for giving your dining room personality. It makes the space feel beautiful and adds a natural vibe enhancing your overall dining experience. So, add a stone wall cladding on any of the walls around your dining area to enhance your dining room aesthetics in a subtle yet impactful way. It can make a gorgeous backdrop for the potted plants along with other displays in your dining room.

Garden Walls

Stone cladding is the most popular material to adorn garden walls. The stone's textured exterior accentuates the room while blending in with the surrounding scenery. Your outdoor spaces may seem to have been landscaped when the stone wall cladding is installed correctly.

Patios & Alfresco Backdrop

You can also clad your home's external walkways with natural stone. Walkways leading to patios and alfresco spaces look great when clad with stone walls and offer a major benefit over other materials with their significantly lower upkeep requirements. Additionally, they make a great backdrop for garden patios and garden walkways. With their ability to resist weather and water, it’s easy to preserve their natural splendour for many years.

Living Room Wall Décor

Stone wall claddings can be used indoors to draw attention to specific walls. Stone-clad walls add a sophisticated touch and serve as the centre of attention in any space. Keep the other elements of the décor simple when using stone cladding for accentuating your living room wall so as not to overpower the walls' elegance.

Kitchen Backsplash

Thanks to the versatility of stone wall cladding, in homes, using stone veneer as a backsplash in the kitchen is an additional unique use for this material. And since natural stones resist heat and fire, they are perfect for kitchen use.

Shower Walls

Adding stone claddings on shower walls gives the space a spa-like feel. It lends the entire space a beautiful, rustic finishing touch plus creates a highlighting element in a space that has an otherwise minimalist style.

Searching for Cladding for Stone Walls? Select Australia's Top Supplier

One of the least expensive ways yet most impactful ways to raise the aesthetics of a space is to clad a wall with stone. We are among Australia's top providers of natural stones. Since natural stones are low-carbon building materials, we use eco-friendly methods to minimise any adverse effects on the environment. We understand it can prove challenging to select the ideal wall-cladding tile colour and texture to go with the interior design of the house. Hence, our stone wall cladding comes in an extensive range of styles, materials, colours and textures to offer something for every home design and every style preference.

In a Nutshell!

The elegant quality and the visual appeal of stone cladding can enhance the aesthetically pleasing aspect of your property. It could give your plain white walls a fresh look and harmonise your interior and outdoor areas. It is ideal for use in fireplaces as well as for outdoor and indoor settings. They can transform your interior living spaces such as your kitchens, bedrooms and living rooms as well as make your outdoor landscapes welcoming and eye-catching, Overall, stone cladding can give your home a more modern, rustic and natural look.

Our stone professionals can assist you in determining which one will best suit the requirements of your project. Start your renovation project with one of our many options for stone wall cladding. Discover the different kinds of cladding alternatives by browsing our selection.

Happy Renovating!

*Disclaimer: All information and advice given above in the blog are to the best of our knowledge. Please reconfirm at your end before execution.

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