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Choose the Perfect Outdoor Tiles for Your Space: Design Tips

13 Nov 2023

Choose the Perfect Outdoor Tiles for Your Space: Design Tips

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Warm, sunny days bring with them the longing to spend a bit more time outside having BBQs on the lawn, sunbathing by the pool and hosting fancy garden parties. It's almost that time of the year! So, is your outdoor area prepared for entertaining?

Regardless of how big or small your outdoor space is, there couldn't be a more perfect time for you to begin revamping your garden or backyard so you can make the most of it all year round. Outdoor tiles offer the style, performance and distinctiveness you need to design the outdoor space you've always wanted. By just replacing your floor tiles, you can quickly transform your worn-out outdoor area and create a haven that matches your interior's style and luxury!

We have some fantastic ideas for upgrading your outside space using tiles if you're ready to embrace the warm weather to the fullest in your own private oasis. We'll also go over some essential considerations for selecting the ideal outdoor floor tiles for your area. Now let's get going!

Things to Consider While Selecting Outdoor Floor Tiles

Prioritise Budget Setting

Emphasise creating a budget. Deciding on a budget is the very first step in selecting tiles for your outdoors. You'll receive a lot of recommendations depending on your budget about the kinds of tiles that fall into your price range and that you should consider.

Pay Attention to Your Environment

The surrounding environment of the place you live in should also be taken into thought when buying the most appropriate outdoor floor tiles. You will need a different kind of exterior tile if you are in the centre of a bustling city compared to when you live in a beach-facing property in the countryside. The kind of outdoor tiles will differ depending on the climate in these two places.

Play With Colours

Indeed, it is possible to play around with various colours especially when it involves outdoor floor tiles. Try experimenting with patterns and hues outside if your indoors are in neutral shades to liven up your outside spaces. To add vitality to the area, choose vibrant tile colours; to create a calming atmosphere, use muted tones. To make an impactful difference, you can also combine light and dark tones to accomplish a balanced look.

Prioritise Durability

It's advised to emphasise the floor tiles' longevity because, unlike indoor tiles, outdoor tiles are exposed to various weather conditions including intense sunshine and precipitation. Verify whether the tiles are constructed from premium raw materials and are resistant to weather, traffic, and other environmental factors.

Select Floor Tiles That Are Slip Resistant

It would help if you only used slip-resistant outdoor floor tiles because they often get wet. You won't have to worry about falls and accidents thanks to the non-slip texture of the outdoor tiles. Additionally, these tiles are ideal for pool decks or patios connected to the pools and create a safe pool environment.

Avoid Polished Tiles

Tiles with polished finishes are not appropriate for outdoor use. These tiles work well for indoor areas not exposed to sun or other elements. Because these tiles have barely any slip resistance, they increase the chances of slips and falls especially in damp areas. Also, their sleek surface reflects a mirror-like shine which is more suitable to give a refined appearance indoors.

Go for a Honed or Tumbled Surface

For outdoor use, smooth tiles without a polished shine are preferable. In addition to offering a non-slip surface, matte tiles are far more durable than glossy ones. Also, considering matte floor tiles possess greater friction than shiny ones, they feature a non-slippery exterior. Another plus is that it doesn't reflect sunlight, so the floors remain relatively cool to the touch.

Select Tiles That Complement Your Home's Aesthetic

When it comes to redesigning outdoor spaces, you are welcome to indulge in creativity especially when it relates to outdoor tiles. Keep in mind to look at your interior design at the same time. Ensure that both the indoor and outdoor elements complement one another even if they don't match. Apply the same colour scheme outdoors as well, for instance, if you decided on a light-tone palette for indoors extend it to your outdoors to create a cohesive and expansive look.

Consider Maintenance Needs

Pick low-maintenance outdoor floor tiles for easy upkeep. The outdoor space tends to be large, making maintaining and keeping it clean a challenging task. Additionally, because it's an open space, it's more prone to dirt and dry leaves. Choose tiles with an appropriate finish as it will also impact the maintenance requirements. Ultimately, the goal should be to spend time enjoying your outdoors rather than constantly worrying about its maintenance.

Design Ideas for Outdoor Tile Flooring

The Front Porches

Though a great deal of your summertime activities centre around your backyard space, don't overlook the 24/7 focus that the entrance to your home receives! Make sure your front porch captures the essence of your home and yourself. It serves to act as a pre-foyer area and may make a big impression on guests. Stone outdoor tiles are resistant to the elements and last a lifetime just remember to seal them while installation and reseal them periodically to maintain their appearance and lustre.

Outdoor Patios

Are you dreaming of having a backyard that resembles an opulent resort somewhere far away? You can create your very own private getaway by installing fresh floors in your outdoor areas. The outdoor living areas with the most potential to increase the value of your house are patios.

Outside Dining Areas

If you’re into throwing parties and hosting get-togethers, having an al-fresco outdoor dining area is a must-have. You won't want to host indoors again if you make your outdoor eating area into a stunning dining experience. Floors tiles is a great way to add some eye-catching designs to your outdoor environment in addition to being a sturdy and easy-to-clean material!

Home Exteriors

Although your home's interior style speaks volumes about your personality, the first impression of you is formed by the outside appearance of your house. Make sure that your property displays a distinctive appeal by using tiles that define the uniqueness and the essence of your house. With a variety of materials, colour and size possibilities, outdoor natural stone tiles are perfect for exterior wall cladding applications.

By the pool

If you are fortunate enough to have a pool, we are sure you will be spending a lot of time lounging by it! Unwinding, sunbathing or just laying around reading a book. revamp your pool area with outdoor stone tiles to create a poolside area you might never want to leave. Sandstone, Marble, Limestone and Travertine all make for a safe, non-slip environment. You can pick the one that best matches your design goals and style preferences.

In Summary:

With summer quickly approaching, there are many reasons to modernise your outside space with natural stone Outdoor tiles appropriate for use in patios, backyards, walkways or pools. Don't wait to make your lovely outdoor space or landscape into an exhilarating retreat; upgrade it now. If you need any additional assistance choosing outdoor tiles, don't hesitate to get in touch with us—we're happy to help!

*Disclaimer: All information and advice given above in the blog are to the best of our knowledge. Please reconfirm at your end before execution.

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