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Silver Travertine – Perfect Option for Outdoors

23 Feb 2023

Silver Travertine – Perfect Option for Outdoors

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Today, owning a house is not just a requisite but also a style statement. It is why people invest a lot in their interior flooring, walling and outdoor hardscaping. Seeing the trend, the most preferred choice of natural stone for Australians is Silver Travertine pavers and tiles.

It provides warmth to any setting with its distinctive weathered look. This natural stone is ideal for use inside and outside in any project space, while you may frequently see it used as flooring for patios and pool surrounds. Put it as a fireplace feature, living room floor or kitchen backsplash, bringing character to the space.

Natural stone is a fantastic alternative for paving that extends from wall to wall since it is much simpler to maintain than carpet. For example, an open-concept patio features a floor colour like neutral furnishings and a wood-planked ceiling. First, let’s dive into the basics.

What Is Travertine?

Travertine is a kind of terrestrial limestone created because of the buildup of minerals over time. It comes in light beige, ivory and tan shades and has a distinctive, rustic appearance. In addition to being remarkably resilient, Travertine is durable. Travertine may also aid in constructing an outdoor area that is more environmentally friendly because it is a natural material.

Why should you choose Silver Travertine Pavers?

There is a lot of reason why one must choose Silver Travertine pavers and tiles for their build:

Silver Travertine paver features a tasteful combination of light and dark shades of Silver with warm beige undertones. In outdoor areas such as patios, walks around ponds and pool surrounds, where this distinctive and electrifying style gives an attractive touch to contemporary landscapes, the blue and silver tones of the stone blend wonderfully with the colour of the water. The warm beige and gold undertones, which beautifully reflect the sun, give the entire space a homey feeling.

Like all other Travertine pavers, Silver Travertine natural stone pavers are an attractive and valuable solution for outdoor installation. You should consider how much the stone pavers will heat underfoot in locations where family and friends walk barefoot, such as pool surrounds, treads, steps, or the patio area.

Given that summer temperatures in Australia can exceed 40 degrees Celsius (and occasionally higher). Silver travertine pavers are a fantastic option since they will remain cool to the touch even during extreme heat waves and even in bright sunlight. Pavers are safe and comfortable to walk on and reflect heat, keeping the rest of your house much cooler.

On the other hand, due to varying weather patterns and seasons, Silver Travertine pavers may withstand subfreezing temperatures without cracking. When selecting natural stone pavers for your outdoor project, one factor to consider is whether the stone will withstand diverse weather conditions without compromising the integrity of its structure. Silver Travertine has the benefit of not fading and, assuming robustness, being durable throughout time.

When choosing a natural stone paver for outdoor areas, finding one that can withstand a lot of foot traffic is crucial. The two obvious options for flooring are concrete and asphalt, but they lack elegance and may not match the rest of your home’s exterior’s modern or futuristic style. Contrarily, Silver travertine pavers may transform an ordinary design into something outstanding, meld flawlessly with a contemporary aesthetic, and resist significant foot traffic without showing indications of wear and tear.

Hence, whether you want to add a WOW factor to your outdoor landscape or want to invest in a natural stone paver that will fulfil specific criteria for your building - or restoration - project, we strongly advise taking silver travertine tiles and pavers into consideration.

What is the format, sizes and colours in which you can find Silver Travertine?

Silver Travertine tiles and pavers are available in the market for various project needs.

Silver Travertine tiles have a 12mm (about 0.47 in) thickness and a honed and filled finish. On the other hand, Travertine pavers’ 30mm (1.18 in) thickness and natural surface vein pattern lend an air of grandeur to outdoor project spaces. You can also find The French Pattern in Silver Travertine. It is one of the most well-liked patterns. Six travertine pavers or tiles in 4 distinct sizes are available.

Nowadays, Travertine Crazy Pavers are trendy and preferred by many homeowners over the traditional rectangular shape. Crazy Paves are travertine pavers or tiles carved in an erratic pattern. Silver Travertine tiles are also a fantastic choice for indoor and outdoor walling projects. For their wall projects, homeowners have various options, including travertine tiles, piled stone, and free-style walls.

Travertine tiles are a fantastic choice for walling projects both indoors and outside. For their wall projects, homeowners have various options, including travertine tiles, piled stone, and free-style walls.

While tiles are the most popular travertine application, they may also be utilised as pavers (30mm or more thick stone). Travertine tiles come in various cuts, patterns, shapes, and sizes, ranging from 4 × 4 to 24 x 24. This material is widely used since it can fit into any project due to its versatility.

Cleaning and maintenance of Silver Travertine tiles

Silver Travertine is susceptible to etching, discolouration, and damage, like any natural stone, if neglected. Thus, adequate care should be taken in terms of sealing while using a tile sealer. We advise applying at least two sealing coats to your Silver Travertine Pavers and Tiles before using them, once before and once after grouting. You must reseal the pavers and tiles once a year, depending on the amount of traffic and cleaning they receive. Resealing is a process that should not be skipped and should be done regularly throughout the lifetime of your tiles.

Always use warm water and a little dishwashing liquid to clean up spills, especially those involving juice, alcoholic beverages, or food. If a more tenacious cleaning method is necessary, you may also choose an extensive cleaning.

How to prevent your Silver Travertine from scratching and getting damaged?

Never use a hard scourer to clean your Silver Travertine pavers or tiles to prevent scratching the surface. And try to avoid using acidic cleaning products on natural stones without first reading the label to make sure they are safe to use on natural stones.

These products may contain bleach, lemon or vinegar in their solutions, which can damage your lovely natural stones.

Most quick cleaning jobs may be handled with just warm water and dish soap.

When moving any furniture, including tables, chairs, or couches, try to place soft foot paddings on the furniture’s feet to prevent scratching your tiles. You can get them at most hardware stores and just glue them on the feet of the furniture.

Avoid dropping anything heavy on your tiles. Some people mistakenly believe that because natural stone is essentially made of rock, it will not break easily. However, we all understand that Silver Travertine tiles are thinly cut to fit their purpose and are much more fragile than some people believe.

Can we replace the Silver Travertine tiles easily?

Travertine is a long-lasting, sturdy stone, and there is no denying that. We know replacing tile flooring is not relatively “easy.” Silver Travertine, though, won’t make replacing the tiles all that difficult in case there is a need. This is because finding a replacement tile with a comparable appearance is not difficult given the wide range of colour hues and variants available. It is simple to discover a design that is the same enough in terms of style, texture, and colour tones for no one to detect the difference.

A sensible recommendation is always to purchase a few extra tiles upfront to be on the safe side. By doing this, you will always be prepared in case a replacement is immediately needed. Silver Travertine pavers and tiles are not that costly, so buying a few more won’t cause significant financial hardship.

Final Takeaway

Silver Travertine Pavers and Tiles are stunning stones used to simultaneously embellish indoor and outdoor spaces worldwide. During warm days, this stone gives off a free-spirited and confident appearance; it is advised to utilise it in low-traffic locations. Since Travertine is a precious stone, you must take good care of it and preserve it correctly to extend its lifespan. We hope this blog helps you better understand our Silver Travertine collection, its use and availability, and how to care for them to retain their great appearance.

*Disclaimer: All information and advice given above in the blog are to the best of our knowledge. Please reconfirm at your end before execution.

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