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Oglio Limestone Pavers

Oglio Limestone pavers are known for their subtle colour tones and for bringing out the best in any space. The medium-dark grey colour combination looks great when used for outdoor flooring. These pavers add a rustic touch to any space. It is extremely durable and can resist dust, strain, and harsh weather. The pavers also come in various sizes to complement any design style. With Oglio Limestone pavers, you can be confident that your project will look great for years.

Product Features

  • Finish :
    Honed & Tumbled
  • Tiles Sizes:
    610x406x20mm, 610x610x20mm, French Pattern 20mm
  • Pavers Sizes:
    610x406x30mm, French Pattern 30mm
  • Pool Copings:
    610x406x30mm Bullnose, 610x406x70/30mm Drop Edge
  • Treads:
    1220x406x30mm Bullnose, 1220x406x30mm Pencil Edge
  • Risers:
  • Application:
    Pool Surrounds, Alfresco, Verandas, Pathways, Garden Paving, Courtyards, Floors, Walls

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