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Interior and Exterior Wall Cladding Ideas in Australia: Cladding with Style

21 Jun 2024

Interior and Exterior Wall Cladding Ideas in Australia: Cladding with Style

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What is the best material for cladding the interior or exterior wall? You must have come across this question or state of dilemma a lot of times in the past. If you search it on the web, it will show you 100s of options to clad your wall, but deep in our hearts we know what material is the best when it comes to putting history of elegance on your walls, Natural Stones!

What type of Wall Cladding is the best in Australia?

Depending on what kind of look you want to achieve for your interior or exterior wall project space, you could be looking at different series/range in walling, that ensures you get the desired look and the stone you would be putting from Stone Centre would of premium quality and built to last for ages to come.

Let’s have a look at the best series of Wall Cladding from Stone Centre:

  • Traditional Walling: Do you remember the look of how castles were made in ancient times, that rectangular/brick type pattern of cladding the outside and inside walls, this series is inspired from the same look. We are looking at stone being cut in one size i.e. 500x250x30mm with a rock face surface finish which would ensure to offer you the old charm and feel of living in a fort.

  • Freestyle Walling: We understand the walls would look even better if you were given the flexibility of putting loose pieces of stones cut in random sizes, that would help you be more creative and the result of the wall that would come will be unique and different from any other wall. This series features the random cut stone pieces in different stone materials and colour options in random size up to 350mm and 20-40mm thickness with natural split surface would be the best thing you could have for your walling project.

  • Stacked/Ledge Stone: Are you one of those people who values a compact look on the walls? Stacked Stone/Ledge Stone series is made just for you, made from premium quality natural stones, with natural split surface finish, Stacked Stone comes in a 600x150x12-22mm size and Ledge Stone in 600x200x20-35mm size, you just can’t go wrong with this product for your amazing walling space.

  • Dry Stone Walling: Originating from Scotland, the inspiration has reached Australia and the best part about this stone series is you get to achieve an aesthetic and unique look no matter whether your do outdoor or indoor walling. The stone comes in organic random size that allows you to create a one of a kind look for your wall.

Indoor and Outdoor Wall Cladding Project Inspirations

Natural Stone wall cladding is an excellent choice of material if you want to create a dramatic and bold statement to your walls. Our range is perfectly suited for literally any type of walling space. Let’s look at the different project inspirations one by one:

Indoor Wall Projects

  • Feature Wall: When you are looking to create an out of the world indoor feature wall that not only is a conversational piece but something you would look at and feel calm. You should check out the Freestyle range and which features lighter colour tones to make your wall stand out from any other wall you have ever seen.

  • Partition Wall: Looking to create a partition wall indoors and if the choice of materials is confusing to you, let us help you make the right decision. You can either go with a Freestyle Series or Stacked Stone Series, they are sure to add the right touch of elegance to your indoor while keeping the rustic charm of natural stones intact for ages to come.

  • Kitchen Wall: Well, you can’t certainly go wrong with natural stone material for kitchen walling, go with stacked stone series that offers vibrancy to your kitchen and it works as a perfect backsplash.

  • Fireplace: Since for ages indoor fireplaces have been made with natural stones, they remain the centerpiece of your drawing room and attracts all the attention this wall rightfully deserves. Traditional Series, Freestyle, Stacked or Dry-Stone walling series are all the great options for your fireplace wall project.

  • Shower Area: We are sure you have been awe struck looking at the walls accents in the shower area on your visits to different places/countries in hotels, right? Well, you have the same luxury to create one masterpiece for your own shower area, consider choosing a Freestyle or Dry-Stone series for this space.

Outdoor Wall Projects

  • Façade Wall: The face of the house deserves all the attention in the world, for achieving a luxurious, appealing, elegant and charming look, Natural Stone Wall Cladding is the best choice. For this project type we highly recommend going with Dry Stone Walling or Freestyle Walling Series.

  • Retaining Wall: If creating a rustic retaining wall is your goal, you should consider going with Traditional, Dry Stone or Freestyle Walling series. These stones are hand picked and made from premium quality natural stones, that would stand the test of time.

  • Boundary Wall: If you are looking to create a broader look for your boundary wall, Free Style Walling would be the right call. If you want to create sleek designs, Stacked Stone should be the option for you to consider.

  • Outdoor Feature Wall: Consider your outdoor feature wall as a canvas and you want to create a one-of-kind attractive design space. What would you do? You should opt for Natural Stones and that too either Freestyle Walling, Drystone Walling or Stacked Walling Series to achieve your vision.

  • Outdoor Fireplace: You can create an outdoor fireplace with Traditional Walling, Freestyle or Dry Stone Walling and Stacked Stone Series. Well, aren’t you in luck? You were looking for one inspiration, you have got many now.


For homeowners and builders who are looking for the best materials for interior or exterior wall spaces, Natural Stones are an ideal choice. They come in vibrant colour options in different materials which matches the architectural needs of Australia, and they are built to last for ages.

Stone Centre’s range of walling comes in different styles such as Traditional, Freestyle, Dry Stone and Stacked Stone. Curated from premium quality natural stones sourced from across the world for you to create a wall that speaks elegance.

Frequently Asked Questions

What type of material is the best to use for walls?

Well undoubtedly Natural Stones and why not? It is a strong material, comes in different materials for you to choose from and different colour options too. Our range of Wall Cladding is an added advantage for you because you do not only get different stones to choose from but also different series like Traditional, Freestyle, Dry Stone and Stacked Stone.

What are the interior and exterior walls made with in Australia?

Australian’s love to create beautiful walls with Natural Stones because they are a beautiful addition to your house, provides insulation and enhances the value of the property.

What is the cheapest wall covering?

You are creating the house of your dreams, why look for a cheap option of wall cladding. You should consider putting wall cladding that is not only beautiful but becomes a conversational starter when any guest looks at it. Consider going with Natural Stone Wall Cladding material, that is built to last.

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