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Step-By-Step Guide on How to Lay Crazy Paving

06 Jun 2024

Step-By-Step Guide on How to Lay Crazy Paving

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What is Crazy Paving?

Crazy paving is the method of laying natural stone pavers in a random or asymmetrical pattern, which is common for outdoor project applications like a patio, courtyard, verandah and pool surrounds.

Commonly known as Flagstone in Australia, this way of laying brings a rustic yet sleek look to your project space. Available in a variety of materials like Travertine, Limestone, Sandstone, Bluestone and Marble, you are sure to get the right find for your next project space. Our range of Crazy pavers is an exquisite collection of premium quality natural stones, which is hand picked to complement the Australian architectural needs.

If doing the next project space at your home or for your client (if you are a builder), you are planning to do with Crazy pavers, our range would be the best pick in the market.

Benefits of Crazy Paving

If we must list down the benefits of choosing Crazy paving for your outdoor project space, the first one that also tops from the other benefits would be to create a unique looking project every time that cannot be achieved by using standard tiles and pavers.

Because these crazy pavers are made from natural stone materials just like standard pavers, durability of a natural stone would be the second benefit. These stones would also require certain maintenance for instance, you should reseal the stone after every 2-3 years to let the stone maintain its fresh look and make it strain resistant.

Crazy pavers would stand the test of time and would stand intact even when exposed to weathering extremities like cold, heat and rains too if you maintain them right and because these comes in pavers (thicker stones) that at least our company supplies in the Australian Market.

Method of Laying Crazy Pavers

  • Selecting the material
  • Selecting the right material for your project space is the most crucial and the first step in the process. The choice of material would not only determine the look of your project space, but you should also look at the durability of the stone. Being a homeowner, you can choose from different options like Travertine, Bluestone, Limestone, Sandstone and Marble from our entire range.

  • Creating a design layout
  • The next step in the process would be to design the layout for your project when you are putting crazy pavers, we understand the actual and final layout with this kind of laying would be random, but it is highly recommended to have a layout so that you stay within your planned designed area.

    Please note: A lot of suppliers in the market would be selling standard pavers and would ask you to break those pavers into small pieces that would act as crazy pavers, but at Stone Centre we supply ready to install crazy pavers and saves you the pain of breaking the pavers eventually helping you save the project cost and time.

  • Cleaning and preparing the area
  • Once you are done designing the layout, the next process would be to clean the area, and preparing the area by digging around 15 cm from the ground level, because typically crazy pavers comes in Natural Split finish, and they are laid on ground level. If you are laying the crazy pavers on sand bed, you can move to the next step if you are doing concrete bedding, you should prime the concrete by using a paintbrush or paint roller.

  • Finalising the pattern
  • The best and fun part of doing a crazy paving job is the freedom to create a unique design, no two project spaces would look same and that makes it the best choice to lay natural stones for your next project space.

    You can start putting large pavers first and we recommend laying down at least 3m by 3m to get a good idea of what you will be working with, this would also let you stay aligned with your design pattern.

  • Laying pavers adhesive
  • Take a plastic bucket and prepare the tiles adhesive according to the instructions on the packaging. Put the tiles adhesive on to the concrete by using a notch trowel, by working in small areas. Apply the same adhesive to the back of the pavers piece by piece before you place it down on the ground.

  • Grouting
  • Prepare the grout in another bucket and once you have placed all your pavers, apply the grout in between each paver at an angle using a grout float so that no air bubbles are formed. Clean off the extra grout by using a sponge and leave the place overnight to dry.

  • Apply Sealer

The last step in the process would be to apply a tile and grout sealer using a paint roller and allow it to dry.

You may not sit back and enjoy the beautiful project space that you have created for ages to come.

Maintenance Tips for Crazy Paving

Crazy Pavers are nothing but random cut sizes of any other natural stone material, the first tip from our end would be to seal the stone at the time of installation (We recommend dip sealing), the second thing to keep in mind is not use any acidic solution to clean the stone, you can use normal detergent water to clean the surface or simply a wet mop.

When it comes to preserving the aesthetic appeal and looks of your crazy pavers for ages, you should consider resealing the stone after every 2-3 years. In case you are using a pressure washer to clean the surface, you should immediately reseal the surface.

This would preserve the natural look of the stone and look fresh even after years they have been put on the project space.


Crazy Pavers are a unique way of creating naturally appealing and aesthetically pleasant outdoor project spaces like a patio, alfresco, verandah, courtyard, walkway, backyard or a pool surround. They are put in a random or asymmetrical pattern to create a unique look that is impossible to achieve through standard paving stones.

They come in a variety of colour and material options to choose from, which would match any project vibe and complement Australian architecture. These stones are not only known for their looks but also for their durability and resilience to the weathering extremities.

Just like any other natural stone, crazy pavers are easy to install and would need maintenance like sealing and not exposing the stone to any acidic solution for making them retain its fresh look and aesthetic charm.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are crazy pavers?

Crazy pavers or crazy paving, commonly known as flagstone in Australia is a random or asymmetrical pattern of laying natural stones on your outdoor project spaces. They offer a unique look and aesthetic charm to your project design.

How to avoid common mistakes while laying crazy pavers?

While you are at designing your outdoor project space using crazy pavers, you should avoid these common mistakes while doing the job. Always measure the area and prepare a design layout, do not assume that the layout would be random, so you can do away without creating design layout.

Do not use an acidic solution to clean the stone, there is a high chance the stone would react to these solutions.

Apply the tile adhesive mixture at the back of each piece also, do not put the pieces directly on the surface. Keep a track of how the design is coming out and is aligned with the designed layout or not.

Use a good quality grout and sealer for your project space, this would ensure the stone would remain intact for ages to come.

How can I make crazy pavers look better?

The first thing to keep in mind would be to choose the right material and colour of the stone that matches your theme expectation. The second would be to have a design layout ready before you start putting the stone on the surface.

In case there are any stains on the surface of the stone before installation clean it with water and damp cloth. Do not use any acidic solution to clean natural stone.

Seal your stones at the time of installation and keep resealing them after every 2-3 years to let the stone maintain its fresh look.

What is the foundation of crazy pavers?

The recommended foundation for crazy paving is a traditional wet (mortar bed) for laying.

What are flagstones?

Crazy Pavers are commonly known as flagstones in Australian Market. Our range of Crazy Pavers is an exquisite collection of nothing, but premium quality natural stones sourced from across the Globe, which are sure to complement any outdoor project vibe and Australian Architecture.

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