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Transform Your Space with Granite Flooring: Here's Why You Should Choose It

3 June 2024

Transform Your Space with Granite Flooring: Here's Why You Should Choose It

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Flooring plays a crucial role. The right flooring can complement the colour palette and textures of walls, furniture and decor creating a striking look.  Intricate textures and rich colors can be accentuated in a room with the right type of flooring. It is crucial to choose the right flooring material for both aesthetics and functionality. The beauty and durability of Granite flooring make it stand out from the many options available.

In this blog, we will explore the numerous benefits of Granite flooring, why it’s a popular choice and how it can enhance your living or commercial space.

What is Granite?

Granite is an igneous rock that is solidified from molten material or melted to ‘formed stone’.  A siliceous sedimentary rock, it has a characteristically granular mineral composition and is primarily made up of silica, aluminum and potassium. As a result of Granite’s constituents and cooling process, it has shading and patterns that resemble other natural stones. It comes in flamed finish which is obtained by abrading the surface to produce a coarse and uneven layer best suited for furnishing of outdoor furniture.

Granite Flooring Benefits

Durability and Strength

Granite is a remarkably hard natural stone means it easily withstands harsh weather conditions. This durability makes it ideal for high-traffic areas in both residential and commercial spaces. Granite, when used as a flooring material, can bear considerable traffic pressure and its appearance remains shiny and long-lasting.

Aesthetic Appeal

Granite is available in several hues and can thus come in deep black colour ranges. This diversity is advantageous because people can make the perfect choice to harmoniously fit their interior. Granite has a natural finish that implies style and elegance, it looks stunning when used for flooring.

Natural Beauty

Laid in the sense that sharing various forms of patterns and veins makes each tile look like a distinct model. It is impossible to duplicate natural appearance even with synthesised materials, as it provides our floors with the elegance they deserve. We at Stone Centre supply high-quality premium stones that make Granite look fashionable for years to come.

Heat and Scratch Resistance

Granite has high heat conductivity ratios and therefore can be used in areas that involve use of are exposed to heat. Furthermore, it is a very hard material which also means that it will not easily scratch or stain and this will offer the floors an easy cleanable surface, especially in areas where there will be maximum traffic.

Low Maintenance

Granite is not difficult to maintain at all as a flooring material and it also does not wear out easily. Generally, daily sweeping and mopping with mild soap and warm water would be adequate to maintain the floors in an excellent state. Unlike some other materials, Granite does not require frequent maintenance, making it a practical choice for busy households.

Hypoallergenic Properties

Granite has a non-porous surface that prevents dust, pollen or dirt from accumulating and causing allergic reactions. This makes it one of the most preferable devices to be used in homes with individuals who are sensitive to dust and other allergens to keep the indoor environment clean.

Eco-Friendly Choice

Granite is an environmentally friendly building material that must be used for construction since it has long-term durability. Being a long-lasting material, it does not require regular replacement and therefore has a lower association with environmental degradation in connection with the production of new floorings. Granite flooring is a good option that falls under the category of the environment suitability type of home improvement.

Increased Property Value

Given this, the following is evident why the choice of Granite flooring is rich and durability boosts the elegance of your home, hence enhancing its value. The potential buyers look for quality products that help in their look for quality products and Granite floors are looked at as quality features hence making the property sell easily.

Applications of Granite Flooring

Residential Use

Living Rooms: The Granite floor in the living room enhances the living room’s beauty and it makes the living room more stylish and attractive as it is considered luxurious.

Kitchens: Due to the properties of heat resistance and durability, Granite can be used for laying floors in kitchens as much as it would look attractive it would also be more practical.

Bathrooms: Installing Granite flooring in the bathroom is also appropriate because it creates a watery texture in the room while adding beauty to the place as well.

Hallways: With excellent wear and tear and washability, the probability of stains and dirt accumulating in places such as corridors is minimised.

Bedrooms: Granite is considered trendy to add a touch of luxury in the bedrooms to increase the elegance of the house.

Commercial Use

Office Buildings: Granite flooring is recommended for office buildings because it creates a professional look and is considered a sleek and stylish material.

Retail Stores: Granite is a versatile material whose quality as well as looks make it the perfect complement to retail spaces.

Hotels and Restaurants: Granite imparts a luxurious feel, which is why it is ideal for the accommodation and delicacies industries.

Outdoor Use

Patios and Pathways: It is important to note that Granite stands up well to weathering due to its mineral composition, which may then be used outdoors to ensure it offers a durable surface with aesthetic appeal.

Driveways: Using Granite for driveways is an appropriate choice due to its toughness and tolerance to heavy foot traffic.

Pool Areas: Its anti-slip character of specific Granite finishes renders it safe and suitable for use around such areas as pools.

Maintenance Tips

Regular Cleaning: Clean the floors by sweeping them often to remove dust and dirt, and wash them with mild soap and warm water.

Avoid Acidic or Abrasive Cleaners: These can mar the Granite’s surface. Avoid using detergents only use pH-neutral cleaners formulated for use on stones.

Periodic Resealing: In some cases, and mostly in the kind of Granite used frequently, one may need to reseal the Granite to make it barrier-resistant.

Comparing Granite Flooring to Other Kinds of Flooring

Granite vs. Ceramic Tile

Aesthetic Appeal: Granite is somehow more elegant and natural looking as compared to ceramic tiles.

Strength: Granite is much harder and hardly chips or cracks.

Upkeep: Both are easy to maintain but Granite has a non-recurring vein that will conceal the dirt.

Granite vs. Hardwood

Durability: It is important to note that Granite is harder as compared to hardwood; it does not easily get scratched, stained or melted by moisture or heat.

Maintenance: Ceramics need less maintenance than Hardwood even though Hardwood is even tougher, it has to be refinished more often and it cannot be exposed to water.

Cost: The presence of high-quality Granite can be almost as expensive still, and you have the advantage of its durability.

Granite vs. Laminate

Durability: Granite is more durable than Laminate due the chemical composition and its toughness.

Appearance: Granite gives the kitchen a more natural and premium feel than Laminate.

Longevity: Granite is much more durable as compared to laminate, which must be replaced within several years.


The benefits of Granite flooring show that it can be used in every premises, from houses to business premises. Thus, it is long-lasting, beautiful, easy to clean and does not cause any detriment to one’s health, making it functional and elegant. A Granite floor is a great investment that gives both class and utility, regardless of whether you want to beautify your house or sell it. Shop premium quality stones at Stone Centre and create your dream house!

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